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The Woman Driving McDowell Security: Candyce McDowell

Faith at Work

<em>Candyce McDowell along with her husband Jeff founded McDowell Security in 2010. They started with 4 employees and now have a staff of about 170, <a href=""></a></em>.
Candyce McDowell along with her husband Jeff founded McDowell Security in 2010. They started with 4 employees and now have a staff of about 170,

Husband and wife teams in business are nothing new, but often-times one gets overshadowed when the business breaks out. As the President of Birmingham based McDowell Security, Jeff McDowell is the face of the business and the one you see quoted most often. However, Jeff is quick to tell you that he wouldn’t be on a Top 40 list or Shelby Chamber Small Business Award winner if it wasn’t for his wife, Candyce McDowell. “There have been so many times I was truly ready to quit,” said Jeff. “But Candyce was the one who said, ‘No – not now’. She has had my back in so many ways I can’t even count them. She keeps us focused on our faith and using that as the foundation for everything. If God and your family are your focus – you can’t go wrong.”

Candyce is modest about her involvement, but admits, she would never let Jeff back off building the business. “I knew and understood what he wanted to do, and what his vision was for McDowell Security. I knew if he backed off at any moment he would regret it,” said Candyce. “In the beginning, I just helped with general office management. I have knack for organization. That led to me helping coordinate the staffing for events.”

On any given day Candyce performs a number of rolls; organizer, manager, fill-in event security – you name it Candyce has helped with it. “McDowell Security has grown so fast, Jeff and I both feel like we are on a treadmill 24/7, but it’s worth it. Our kids are learning that entrepreneurship has its benefits and its drawbacks. We don’t hide the ups and downs from them. We feel it’s important for them to understand that owning a business is hard work.”

What’s next for Jeff and Candyce? Jeff says they are focused on continuing to grow the business and provide more jobs in the community. “The overwhelming part of owning a business is knowing that if you, as the owner, make a mistake, you just don’t lose money, people could lose their jobs,” said Jeff. “My employees rely on me to lead the way so that they can take care of their families. It’s a huge responsibility that I don’t take lightly.”

Due to their rapid growth McDowell Security is hiring, full and part-time staff. You don’t need to have previous guard experience, in fact, the company prefers applicants to have retail experience and be customer focused. They train employees in the areas of security based on the position. Visit and fill out an online application.

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