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Things to Know About Springtime Pests

April 25, 2023

Our House Here in Alabama, we have no shortage of bugs. And while we typically associate summer as the season when they’re most annoying, they come out in full force during the spring! Watch out for these three pests: 1. Mosquitoes. There’s nothing like high-pitched buzzing and itchy red spots ruining outdoor fun! Because springtime …

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Freshen Up Your Home for the Holidays

October 26, 2022

Home for the Holidays Is your vinyl siding looking old and worn? Iron City Power Washing Inc. may be able to revitalize it for you. We’re a trusted provider of soft washing services in the Hoover, Mountain Brook, Leeds and Homewood, Ala. areas with a proven reputation. We can help you freshen your home for …

Classic Iron Works

The #1 Home Upgrade for Holiday Hosts

October 11, 2022

Home for the Holidays Almost nothing compares to the satisfaction of being a good host for the holidays—almost. Pleas for your dressing recipe and ahhhs over the centerpiece are gratifying in their own right, to be sure. But nothing can match the joy of knowing you’ve wowed your guests before they’ve even arrived. Before even …

Family Christmas

Prepare your Home for Holiday Gatherings

October 3, 2022

Home for the Holidays The holiday season is a time for family and friends. We gather around the table and tree with the ones we love. Then, just like clockwork, a mouse chooses now to dash across the floor and Aunt Gertrude comes unglued. We’d love to earn your trust in protecting your family from …

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

October 1, 2022

Home for the Holidays Click on the links below for great ways to spruce up your home for the holiday season. Pest Precautions to Take this Fall from Vulcan Termite and Pest Control Freshen Up Your Home with Iron City Power Washing Organize Your Home with A Better Closet Protect Your Home with Steel City …

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Pest Precautions to Take This Fall

September 27, 2022

Home for the Holidays Just because you see fewer pests in the fall and winter doesn’t mean they aren’t around! In fact, many bugs will seek your home out for shelter once the weather starts cooling down. Make sure you have a pest control plan in place before they make a home out of your …

Charlotte's Patio Makeover

Time for a Patio Makeover

June 27, 2022

Our House You know when one project leads to another? That’s what happened with my recent patio refresh. It all started with redoing my outdoor furniture that got destroyed by weather over the last few years. Our pergola isn’t covered so it suffered from rain and sun damage.  I decided to use Flex Seal Liquid …

Mobility & Accessibility Solutions from 101 Mobility

April 15, 2022

Special Feature Regaining vertical mobility has never been easier in this day and age, and with a stairlift installed into your home you or a loved one can be on the fast track to independence. A question that is commonly asked amongst individuals looking for a stairlift is, “Can I rent or buy this life-changing product?” The …

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How to Bring in Spring

March 29, 2022

Our House  Spring is my favorite season of the year. It gives life to not only the outdoors, but also my soul. The sunshine beaming and birds singing are a few of my favorite things. When I think of spring, I also think of color. Flowers in full bloom make any heart happy. Think about …

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Spring Pests

February 27, 2022

Our House The weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming. With the coming of spring, many homeowners are heading up their spring-cleaning checklists. Make sure to protect your home by cleaning hotspots for spring pests in and around your property. Here are four areas to cover.  1. The Yard. Infestations start outside, so tackling …

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