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New Chapters of Life

April 25, 2022

Legal Matters Brought to you by: Community Partner Holliman & Holliman, Two major new chapters of life are newly graduated seniors heading off to college and mature seniors retiring and downsizing their homes to retirement communities or even assisted living. Both new chapters need a fresh look at estate plans. Late Teens. For the …

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Do You Have What You Need?

April 25, 2022

Legal Matters Take a moment to review the types of auto insurance coverage offered by auto insurance companies in Alabama and assess whether you have what you need to protect yourself and your family. Liability Insurance Coverage. Alabama law, under The Mandatory Liability Insurance law, requires vehicle owners to maintain a minimum of liability insurance …

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Spring Cleaning… Your Parents’ Attic

March 29, 2022

Legal Matters Brought to you by: Community Partner Bradford & Holliman, Visiting your mother for Mother’s Day in May or your dad for Father’s Day in June? Consider a small spring-cleaning project in any attics, she-sheds, barns, or storage units. One lady in her seventies measures her progress by the trunk loads she takes …

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4 Reasons to Talk About Your Finances

February 27, 2022

Legal Matters  Brought to you by: Community Partner Bradford & Holliman, Do you understand your finances? Here are four reasons to know your finances even if your spouse usually manages them.  1. Since women live longer than men and often have older spouses, women are likely to be the surviving spouses impacted by their …

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Hit and Injured by an 18-Wheeler or other Big Corporate Truck?

February 27, 2022

Legal Matters presented by: Frank S. Buck P.C., Personal Injury What to Do to Protect Yourself. Due to the hectic demands of life, we often find ourselves on the road. Daily interstate travel brings many drivers in frequent contact with larger vehicles like 18-wheelers or semi-trailer trucks. Many truckers work lengthy hours, driving long distances …

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Enrich Your Marriage on Date Nights

January 26, 2022

Legal Matters Brought to you by: Community Partner Bradford & Holliman, What is a Legal Matters article doing discussing date nights to enrich your marriage? Legal matters such as estate plans are a spectacular way of letting each other know now just how important your marriage is by making sure you are on the …

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Get Around to It in January

December 28, 2021

Legal Matters Brought to you by: Community Partner Bradford & Holliman A new year is here. What did you put off last year that is still on your “to do” list?  In a great New York Times article in March 2019, Erik Winkowski wrote that “procrastination is about emotions, not productivity.” It’s more fun to …

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An Avenue for Compensation for an Injured Victim of a Hit & Run

December 28, 2021

Legal Matters Presented by: Frank S. Buck, P.C., Personal Injury Alabama drivers are stunned when another vehicle smashes into them, but he or she will become astounded if that driver keeps on going and does not stop. The normal procedure after a motor vehicle crash of exchanging automobile insurance information will speed away with that …

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Strategic Gifts for the Holidays

November 30, 2021

Legal Matters Brought to you by: Community Partner Bradford & Holliman More than ever, gift giving is fraught with peril this year. Consider the overseas shipping and delivery problems to stores near you, the increasing cost of shipping gifts to your loved ones, the predicted difficulties of timing when your gifts arrive, the possibility of …

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Stress-Relieving Legal Tools for Home Care & Hospice

October 26, 2021

Legal Matters Brought to you by: Community Partner Bradford & Holliman  Home care or hospice is stressful for families, but some legal tools can relieve at least some of the stress. With home care, families are faced with hiring an agency or becoming a direct employer of caregivers; both involve writing a lot of checks.   …

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