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What If You Fail to Take RMDs As Required?

November 25, 2018

Money Matters presented by: Vision Financial Required minimum distributions, often referred to as RMDs or minimum required distributions, are amounts that the federal government requires you to withdraw annually from traditional IRA and employed-sponsored retirement plans after you reach age 70 ½. You can always withdraw more than you are required to from your IRAs …

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Do You Have Enough Automobile Insurance Coverage?

November 25, 2018

Legal Matters presented by: Frank S. Buck P.C., Personal Injury Do You Have Enough Automobile Insurance Coverage to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones in the Event of a Holiday Car Wreck? Take Time to Check You probably have automobile insurance, but do you understand the basics of your policy? The first step in reviewing …

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Samford Legacy League’s 8th Annual Christmas Home Tour

November 2, 2018

Special Feature A Wonderful Way to Begin the Holidays:          Five unique and beautifully appointed homes, delicious seasonal fare and a holiday gift market are all part of Samford Legacy League’s 8th Christmas Home Tour. This annual event is an enjoyable beginning to the Christmas season for everyone and helps provide scholarships for Samford University students. …

Buying Insurance: What Savvy Consumers Should Know

October 25, 2018

Money Matters presented by: Vision Financial You’re ready to buy an insurance policy, but you feel a bit uneasy embarking into the insurance world. Whether you’re buying an auto policy, a homeowners policy, a life insurance policy, or some other type of policy, here are some general tips to help you tread the insurance waters. …

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How Do I Prove I Am Sane?

October 25, 2018

Legal Matters Presented by: Bradford & Holliman, Estate Planning,  Recently during a presentation, I was asked how a person can prove she’s sane (has “capacity” in legal lingo) if the children do not believe she has capacity and is making decisions for her using a power of attorney (POA).  Let’s say as an example, Jane …

Are My Social Security Benefits Safe?

September 26, 2018

Money Matters presented by: Vision Financial In the news from time to time we see a report that states that Social Security is “going broke.”  However, these reports are often based on projections by the Trustees of these programs. And projections are just that, projections… like pre-season football or election polls, they are trying to …

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Don’t Void Your Will By Mistake

September 26, 2018

Legal Matters Presented by: Bradford & Holliman, Estate Planning, Parents often prepare Wills leaving assets equally to their children and then make mistakes with their accounts that favor one child over the others. By Mistake: Sally Denton’s Will leaves her assets equally to her three children. To help pay bills, Sally made the mistake of …

The Remedy for our Money Problems

September 25, 2018

Best Books In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus makes a statement that stands in complete opposition to one of our society’s most entrenched values. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with marriage, the sanctity of life, or even immoral conduct. “No one can serve two masters,” he said. “For either he will love the one …

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Programs to Help You Pay Your Medicare Premiums & Deductibles

August 21, 2018

Legal Matters Presented by: Bradford & Holliman, Estate Planning,  It can be difficult for seniors and individuals with disabilities on the Medicare program to pay the Medicare monthly premiums and deductibles. Because of this, there are Medicare Savings Programs in Alabama that can help. These programs are administered through the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The programs …

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Preparing Yourself for Home Health & Nursing Home Expenses

August 21, 2018

Money Matters presented by: Vision Financial The estimated cost for nursing home care in Alabama in 2017 was $176 a day or nearly $65,000 a year. Home healthcare averages $38,000 per year. These are daunting numbers for sure. How can one prepare for these expenses? Health Insurance and Medicare do not cover long term care …