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Best Books 0320 Courtroom of Heaven

Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven

February 26, 2020

Best Books Plead Your Case in the Courtroom of Heaven. With the slam of the gavel, the hopes and dreams for your future shatter. With a judgment rendered, you or a loved one now serve time in prison. Will another court hear your pleas? In despair over her son’s future, Shonda Whitworth petitioned the Lord …

Best Books 0320 Max Lucado

Jesus – The God Who Knows Your Name

February 26, 2020

Best Books I am not alone in my proclivity to spiritual distraction. As Christians, we are surrounded by alluring diversions and secondary issues which capture our attention and crowd out the one true thing that matters more than all the rest collectively – the person of Jesus. Doctrinal discussions, ecclesial and secular politics, and prophetic …

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From Stressed to Blessed

January 27, 2020

Healthy Living You can have peace regardless of your circumstances. My life was killing me. Every morning, when it was time to get out of bed after a night of not sleeping, I would lie there, preparing myself for all the problems, worries, lack, fear, anger, and resentment that would start chasing me down from …

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Soul Strong

January 27, 2020

Best Books Do you have the strength of soul you need to live out God’s story for your life? Let award-winning author Lucinda Secrest McDowell show you how to become soul strong! How do I know my life makes a difference? How am I supposed to balance life when it seems I can’t catch a …

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The Tony Evans Bible Commentary

January 27, 2020

Best Books I once asked a group of students to offer one word which best describes the gospel of Jesus. When the class had finished offering words about salvation, atonement, and repentance, we turned to Mark’s gospel and encountered a word that was not offered by any of the students. Jesus preached the good news …

Best Books 0120 Bread for the Resistance

Battle Weary? Read On!

December 28, 2019

Best Books Sometimes we slay the giants that defy the rule of God. We cast our stones and the monstrosities which defy Christ and his kingdom buckle and fall. We fight a good fight, we keep the faith, and evil crashes in defeat. But what happens when we sling our stones and Goliath doesn’t fall? …

Best Books 0120 I am a Field

I Am a Field

December 28, 2019

Best Books God can seem hard to understand. So can you. So can I. Add to that what God’s doing in us and who we’re meant to be in the world, and it’s easy for a typical Jesus-follower to feel a bit lost. I Am a Field by Jeff Davenport was written to help you …

bigstock Winter Christmas background wi 157087073


November 26, 2019

The Great Outdoors presented by: Mark’s Outdoors Struggling with what to buy for your friend or family member that loves the outdoors? The staff at Mark’s Outdoors is ready to help! Here’s a look at items on their Top Ten List, specially priced for the Christmas season. Filson Briefcase – $250 Shimano Curado DC Reel …

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Shop for the Holidays at Home

November 25, 2019

Legal Matters Presented by: Bradford & Holliman, Estate Planning No, not online shopping. Why not give some of your memorabilia to family and friends now so that you can see their delight? No need to wait until your Will is read. Keep in mind: You will know that it went to exactly the right relative …

12 Gifts Prodigal Pottery nativity ornament

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Prodigal Pottery

November 25, 2019

12 Gifts of Christmas As you are looking for unique gifts for Christmas, buy locally made pottery pieces, ornaments, mugs and more online at and also locally at King’s Home Thrift Stores. Made by women escaping homelessness and domestic abuse, Prodigal Pottery is created at the King’s Home Shelby women’s shelter. In addition to …