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Estate Planning for the New Year

December 26, 2018

Legal Matters Presented by: Bradford & Holliman, Estate Planning, A good new year resolution is to pay for estate planning for your grown children.  Not only is it a good idea, it is a great idea!  An estate plan is something they need and just may save them immense heartache, anxiety and money in the …

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Ask for Help: Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

December 26, 2018

Healthy Living Not everyone has the time, energy, or resources to be a round-the-clock caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementias. It can be challenging but we at Brookdale University Park work with residents and caregivers to find their interests and passions to incorporate into our community! We take a person-centered approach to …

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Why Can’t I Ever Seem to Get All My Ducks in a Row?

December 26, 2018

Education Extra Brought to you by: White Plume Technologies, Learning to “Cope with Life” and the things that life throws at us, has been a major source of stress in a person’s life since the beginning of time. The funny thing is…God created our brains to deal with multiple tasks and problems at very …

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Local Businesses Offer Great Gift Ideas!

December 8, 2018

Briarwood Christian Bookstore. Decorate your home with a beautiful Nativity hand made in Anman, Jordan. It’s a gift that gives back in an amazing way. The olive wood pieces are from Glad Tidings Holy Land Designs and provide an avenue of economic support and stability for artisans and their families. The Holy Land Fair Trade …

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New Local Opportunity for Climbing & Adventure

November 25, 2018

Are We There Yet? Looking for a great way to be active and spend time with the kids? Check out the new, “Hoover Climbing & Adventure” at The Hoover Metropolitan Complex. The adventure center boasts 12 unique climbing elements including a “leap of faith,” skyscraper walk, Rocktopia volcano, and multiple race obstacles and is available …

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What If You Fail to Take RMDs As Required?

November 25, 2018

Money Matters presented by: Vision Financial Required minimum distributions, often referred to as RMDs or minimum required distributions, are amounts that the federal government requires you to withdraw annually from traditional IRA and employed-sponsored retirement plans after you reach age 70 ½. You can always withdraw more than you are required to from your IRAs …

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Do You Have Enough Automobile Insurance Coverage?

November 25, 2018

Legal Matters presented by: Frank S. Buck P.C., Personal Injury Do You Have Enough Automobile Insurance Coverage to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones in the Event of a Holiday Car Wreck? Take Time to Check You probably have automobile insurance, but do you understand the basics of your policy? The first step in reviewing …

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The Pheasant: The Power of Letting Go 

November 25, 2018

Mission Makers It is quiet, and I am not eavesdropping, but I can hear snatches of conversation coming from down the hall. Daniel Roberson, Brother Bryan Mission’s Intake Administrator, is talking to someone about forgiveness. His voice is deliberate, and kind and he is telling deep spiritual truths that we all need to hear. I feel …

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Holiday Tips for Family Caregivers

November 25, 2018

Healthy Living  As the holiday season approaches, many people are excited to see their friends, family members, and loved ones. However, for many seniors and their caregivers, it can become very stressful.  Big holiday celebrations can be overwhelming, especially for those suffering from cognitive decline or health problems. For family caregivers, decorating the house, organizing …

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’Tis the Season to Simplify

November 25, 2018

Hassle Free Zone Here are some clever ideas to help Simplify your Season: Empty the Bins. While your home is decorated, donate or discard whatever you have not used. Place sentimental items in a special place for keepsakes. Create Specialized Storage. Install shelving to accommodate items for easy access and safe keeping. Consider hooks for …