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Best Books 0620 Practice of Godliness

The Practice of Godliness

May 27, 2020

Best Books I recently participated in a discussion about which books, aside from the Bible, had influenced us the most. Among my top five is an older title which I still recommend to guests at our bookstore. It doesn’t matter what denomination you are from, how mature you are in your faith, or how nuanced …

Best Books 0620 Little Tea

Little Tea

May 27, 2020

Best Books One phone call from Renny to come home and “see about” the capricious Ava, and Californian Celia Wakefield decides to overlook her distressful past in the name of friendship and head back to the South. For three reflective days at Renny’s lake house in Heber Springs, Arkansas, the three childhood friends reunite and …

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What to do with Life’s Detours: Sunrise Reflections

May 27, 2020

Special Feature When was the last time an entire day went according to your plans? We set goals and make plans for events we want to happen. Then, our lives take their own course. From traffic jams to a terrifying diagnosis, life refuses to adhere to our plans. What then? Do we look at these …

Love Casts Out All Fear: The Message in Missing Isaac

May 27, 2020

Best Books My first memory of racial tension happened when I was a small child, sometime in the mid-1960s. I was very young, so I only remember aspects of the incident. It was summertime, and I was sitting in a parked car with some relatives. The windows were rolled down so we could survive the …

Best Books 0520 Anxiety Interrupted

Anxiety Interrupted

April 29, 2020

Best Books As Christians we are called to be people of peace. But how do we practically experience peace when there is so much to worry about? Where good and evil live so closely together, it is sometimes hard to believe God is sovereign without asking hard questions. Anxiety Interrupted grapples with the anxiety and …

Best Books 0520 Adorning the Dark

Gracing the World with Artistry: Adorning the Dark

April 29, 2020

Best Books My mom has created works of art for as long as I can remember. Her painting featuring a cute little Cocker Spaniel has held a revered place in my kitchen for years. Although she doesn’t paint as much as she once did, she still graces the world with artistry, week after week, in …


May Giveaways

April 28, 2020

TO SAY THANK YOU for reading and supporting the businesses and organizations that advertise with us and make spreading Good News possible, we have some Great Summer Read Giveaways for you and your family!

Best books strength of a woman

Strength of a Woman

March 31, 2020

Best Books Celebrate your God-given strength! You may not feel like the so-called perfect Proverbs 31 woman, but rest assured, you are the Proverbs 31 woman. No perfection required. Strength of a Woman will have you celebrating as you understand the blessing God sings over you as a woman. Look at the familiar Proverbs 31 …

Best books where goodness still grows

Where Goodness Still Grows

March 31, 2020

Best Books Sometimes mourning and lament are the appropriate response. As I write this review, we are in the season of Lent, a time of spiritual reflection, fasting, and contrition. Lent is a call to repentance among God’s people. At no point in my lifetime has the church of America so desperately needed the observance …


A Quiet Strength: Behind the Scenes of Chick-fil-A

February 28, 2020

Cover Story Truett Cathy founded one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in America, Chick-fil-A, in 1946. Do you recognize the name Jeannette M. Cathy? Wife to Truett Cathy, Jeannette played a very important role in Chick-fil-A’s success, albeit mostly behind the scenes. Trudy Cathy White watched her mother provide their family with a …

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