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Susan Yates with Dog

Be Encouraged with Author Susan Alexander Yates!

January 14, 2021

Special Feature Are you struggling with finding hope and peace? There are two opportunities to hear encouragement from best-selling author Susan Alexander Yates- while helping provide scholarship funds with Samford University’s Legacy League. On February 11 Yates will be in Birmingham to speak mid-day and in the evening on being anchored in hope and finding …

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#1 Intimacy with the Lord: Kingdom Building in Crisis

December 28, 2020

Special Feature God. Family. Mission. The life of a Kingdom Builder involves stewarding all three, in perfect unity. It’s about living a life that’s open-handed and open-hearted, freely giving of time and treasure. And through that generosity, God uses such stewards for His purposes on the Earth. But what does this look like in a …

Best Books 0121 Escaping the Tigers Claws

Escaping the Tiger’s Claws

December 28, 2020

Best Books In 2013, Pastor Chamron Phal told me that God had told him I was going to write the story of his survival in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. I laughed. “You’ve made a mistake,” I told him.  “I’ve never written a book. I can’t even type!” “Go home and pray about it,” he …

Best Books 0121 Mere Discipleship

Mere Discipleship: Radical Christianity in a Rebellious World

December 28, 2020

Best Books A few weeks ago, I was reading the acknowledgment section in the back of a new book. Embedded within the acknowledgments was an expression of appreciation for one book/author in particular – a book that had deeply influenced the author’s spiritual development. It was Mere Discipleship (Brazos Press) by Lee Camp. I smiled …

Sean of the South with his dog

Sean of the South Weaves Tales of Southern Life & Faith

November 29, 2020

Cover Story Sean Dietrich tells his stories of the South with an accent as thick as honey. The stories- ones of Southern people, places, and values- have earned him the moniker of “Sean of the South” and gained him loyal followers who love his heartfelt wisdom and inspiration as much as they do that thick …

Best Books 1220 Say Yes

Say Yes

November 23, 2020

Best Books What’s Your Answer? Sometimes we’re struck with inspiring ideas but shy away from saying yes to God. What He is asking us to do looks dangerous. It looks difficult. People will think we’re crazy. It will cost us. We could fail. God often asks us to do the impossible because, for Him, all …

Best Books 1220 stories behind songs

Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas

November 23, 2020

Best Books This year has been a rough one for most people. Politics and a pandemic have disrupted our society, and Christmas will not feel the same for many of us. Perhaps that is why Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas (Zondervan) resonated with me. Many of our most loved Christmas carols were written in …

12 Gifts Bundle of Books from Iron Stream Feature Image Nov 2020 BCF

A Bundle of Inspiration from Iron Stream Media

November 23, 2020

12 Gifts of Christmas As you prepare to wrap up 2020 and welcome 2021, do you want to strengthen your faith? Iron Stream Media has books that will help you! As part of Birmingham Christian Family’s 12 Days of Christmas Reader Giveaways, you could win five great books including The Name of the Stars by …

Encouraging Word Perspective Ben nelson book cover art 2

What’s Your Perspective?

November 5, 2020

Church Leaders How you view God is how you will relate to God, and how you relate to God will have a direct impact on how you display God. Jesus longs to show us a true perspective and that perspective – that truth – will free us from a life that is lived with the …

Best Books 1120 Epic Bible

The Epic Bible

October 28, 2020

Best Books When I was a child, I understood things as a child. That means, of course, that I spent much of my formative years reading comic books. The aforementioned literary category suffers from an obvious misnomer, for the genre is rarely comedic. The exploits of Conan the Barbarian, Sgt. Rock, and Spiderman often deal …

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