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Best Books 0822 Meanwhile

Meanwhile- Meeting God in the Wait

July 26, 2022

Best Books Your past doesn’t define you. Your present doesn’t define you. But who you choose to trust does define your future.  We have all experienced a “meanwhile” in life when God is strategically laboring behind the scenes to work all things together for His good and for His glory. Sometimes a “meanwhile” can be …

Best Books 0822 Next Sunday

Next Sunday

July 26, 2022

Best Books What does the future hold for our local churches? What needs to change and what needs to be revived? Do we need to double down on what we’ve been doing, make minor adjustments, or radically re-evaluate everything, including the fundamentals? What is the real purpose of the church anyway? What is the point? …

Best Books Far From Home

Far from Home: Discovering Your Identity as Foreigners on Earth

June 27, 2022

Best Books Born and raised in India, Mabel Ninan came to the US as a newlywed who was confident, equipped, and ready for adventure. But as the novelty of the experience faded, the struggle of living in an unfamiliar environment began to take its toll. She reached a breaking point and wrestled with questions about …

Best Books thoughts and prayers

When Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Enough

June 27, 2022

Best Books On a spring day in 2013, Taylor S. Schumann sat at her reception desk while daydreaming about her upcoming bridal shower. Just before lunchtime, an active shooter entered her building and randomly shot her from two feet away. She was one of 36,000 Americans injured or killed with a gun that year. In the …

Best Books 0622 Prayer of Daniel

Making the Prayer of Daniel Personal

May 31, 2022

Best Books Many people know of Daniel as the prophet who escaped a grisly death in a den of lions. Others may remember him as the man who read God’s writing on the wall, predicting the fall of frivolous King Belshazzar. In more recent times, it is Daniel’s 21-day fast that has achieved somewhat of …

Best Books 0622 We Go On

We Go On

May 31, 2022

Best Books About 3,000 years ago, a prince inherited his father’s kingdom. Blessed by God with wisdom, he turned the fledgling realm into a diplomatic and commercial powerhouse, becoming the wealthiest monarch of his time. He became an uber-rich, international superstar. As his fame and wealth increased, his dissatisfaction and disappointment with life grew deeper. The …

Best Books 0522 Mandisa

Out of the Dark

April 25, 2022

Best Books  One day, in 2005, a young lady in Nashville picked up the phone, stated her name and phone number, and then sang an Aretha Franklin song for twenty seconds. The submission was among a multitude of vocalists who aspired to break into the music industry. Three days later, she got a return call …

Best Books 0522 Decoding

Decoding the In-Law Code

April 25, 2022

Best Books  Whether you are getting married or have been married for days or years, in-law drama does not have to be part of your life. Even if you have been spared the drama and have a great relationship, you can always find new ways to make it better. Relationships with in-laws can seem like …

Best Books 0422 Morning of Easter

‘Twas the Morning of Easter

March 29, 2022

Best Books Long ago, a group of women walked through the darkness of night into a garden. As the first hint of dawn began to breach the horizon, they neared their destination. Confusion and fear clung to them, but love compelled them forward. Suddenly, an earthquake shattered the silence, announcing the advent of a new …

Best Books 0422 Distraction Detox

Distraction Detox

March 29, 2022

Best Books Distractions can steal your joy. They can definitely steal your purpose. Billie Jauss tried to overcome a season of feeling unsettled and uncertain by simplifying her schedule and taking control of life’s chaos. It didn’t solve all her issues.  Jauss realized it wasn’t the external distractions but the emotional barriers producing feelings of …

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