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Best Books 0522 Mandisa

Out of the Dark

April 25, 2022

Best Books  One day, in 2005, a young lady in Nashville picked up the phone, stated her name and phone number, and then sang an Aretha Franklin song for twenty seconds. The submission was among a multitude of vocalists who aspired to break into the music industry. Three days later, she got a return call …

Best Books 0522 Decoding

Decoding the In-Law Code

April 25, 2022

Best Books  Whether you are getting married or have been married for days or years, in-law drama does not have to be part of your life. Even if you have been spared the drama and have a great relationship, you can always find new ways to make it better. Relationships with in-laws can seem like …

Best Books 0422 Morning of Easter

‘Twas the Morning of Easter

March 29, 2022

Best Books Long ago, a group of women walked through the darkness of night into a garden. As the first hint of dawn began to breach the horizon, they neared their destination. Confusion and fear clung to them, but love compelled them forward. Suddenly, an earthquake shattered the silence, announcing the advent of a new …

Best Books 0422 Distraction Detox

Distraction Detox

March 29, 2022

Best Books Distractions can steal your joy. They can definitely steal your purpose. Billie Jauss tried to overcome a season of feeling unsettled and uncertain by simplifying her schedule and taking control of life’s chaos. It didn’t solve all her issues.  Jauss realized it wasn’t the external distractions but the emotional barriers producing feelings of …

Best Books 2021 Bitter and Sweet

Bitter and Sweet

February 27, 2022

Best Books Imagine for a moment that everything we thought and felt was being broadcast to the public via a screen above our head. Every thought. Every desire. Every emotion. What if the world could see past our pleasant demeanor and polite discourse? What if the world could see who we truly are, deep inside? …

Best Books 2021 Greater Work

The Greater Work

February 27, 2022

Best Books  Disciple-making is not a program; it’s a lifestyle. This one truth has the power to change your life and to literally the world. Think about it. The early church was a church without walls. Unlike today, they had no church buildings or ministry budgets. However, they had something we often lack. The one …

Best Books Big Wide Welcome

The Big Wide Welcome

January 26, 2022

Best Books One day, long ago, a Jewish Christian pastor in Jerusalem heard some disconcerting news. Christianity was a new way of being a person of faith, and some churches were struggling with what being a follower meant, both in beliefs and in practice. James wrote a letter to the church and informed them their …

Best Books Made For Eden

Made for Eden

January 26, 2022

Best Books  What is the path for fulfilling our God-given purpose? My book Made for Eden: Promises and Provisions of the Life God Created You to Live describes God’s intention for mankind. I wrote it to show how God renews us to a life in and by His presence and power, through Jesus’ sacrifice, and …

Best Books Wholehearted Faith

Wholehearted Faith

December 28, 2021

Best Books A couple of months ago I endorsed Another Gospel – A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity by Alisa Childers. Another Gospel is the fascinating story of Childers’ encounter with progressive theology, the dangers she perceived in the movement, and her subsequent return to a more conservative community of faith. This month …

Best Books Revive Daily


December 28, 2021

Best Books Have you ever wanted to read through the Bible, but you don’t know where to start? ReviveDAILY- Year 1 and 2 may be just the devotional to start your journey through the Bible and take you deeper in your walk with Jesus! About four years ago, the Lord led my husband, Kyle and …

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