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Special Feature Jumpstart Your Prayer Life Rachel Ridge FEATURED IMAGE

3 (Surprising) Ways to Jumpstart Your Prayer Life

March 23, 2019

Special Feature A few years ago, my prayer life got stuck. Really stuck! Though I’d often struggled to make prayer a regular part of my day, this was different. This time I found myself unable to even find words to express myself to God, and He felt so distant I wondered, “what’s the use of …

Best Books Featured Image Women of Easter April 19

The Women of Easter 

March 23, 2019

Best Books The first person to preach an Easter sermon was a former demoniac. If that isn’t scandalous enough, the aforementioned host of seven demons was also, dare I say it…a woman. Mary Magdalene has a powerful, yet mysterious presence in the gospel narratives. While most of the disciples were cowering in fear and hiding …

City Scene C.S. Lewis Onstage pic of McLean horizontal 1

C.S. Lewis Onstage!

March 16, 2019

City Scene Enjoy a one night only performance of C.S. Lewis Onstage: The Most Reluctant Convert. Award-winning actor Max McLean presents this highly-acclaimed theatrical portrayal of Lewis’ journey from atheism to faith Sunday April 14, 2019 at 4 p.m. at the BJCC Concert Hall. Theater Maniasays McLean delivers an “uncannily spot-on performance!” The Chicago SunTimes calls …

Best Books 0319 If You Can Keep It

If You Can Keep It, Eric Metaxas

February 25, 2019

Best Books America was founded on key principles, values, and laws that stood in marked contrast to other nations. The founders had previously faced adversity, religious persecution, overreaching governments, and economic instability. Their great wisdom as they inaugurated America was deep-rooted and multi-faceted. As we navigate the often murky waters of today’s American politics, we …

Calendar Eric Metaxas March 19 Samford Event 1

Eric Metaxas Speaks at Samford to Raise Scholarship Funds

February 24, 2019

Special Feature Hear New York Times best-selling author and radio host Eric Metaxas speak at Samford University’s Wright Center on March 19 as part of the Percy Cook Ratliff Lecture Series. Bonnie Lee Rabe, Dean of Samford’s Orlean Beeson School of Education, explains, “The Percy Cook Ratliff Lecture Series was established by Mr. Ratliff’s grandson, …

Best Books 0319 Just Church

Agents of Peace & Grace

February 23, 2019

Best Books Jesus is not, nor has he ever been, primarily interested in getting people saved. Salvation is but a first step, a means to a desired end. What was Jesus interested in? Discipleship. A thoughtful reading of the great commission reveals that Jesus is interested in creating a people who follow his teachings, not …

Best Books 0219 Featured Image Fredrick Douglass by Blight

Frederick Douglass, Prophet of Freedom

January 23, 2019

Best Books Historian David W. Blight’s biography, Frederick Douglass, Prophet of Freedom (Simon and Shuster), has captured the attention of the literary world. It is, in my assessment, simply superb. Douglass was one of the great Americans of the nineteenth century, and Blight has given us a biography worthy of such greatness. As a young, …

let your light shine BERNDT

Let Your Light Shine Through Prayer

December 26, 2018

Special Feature Let your light shine.  That’s a snippet of Matthew 5:16, and it’s the theme verse for this year’s Legacy League Scholarship Luncheon at Samford University. And while there are countless ways we can live out this charge—ways we can let our light shine, reflecting the light of God’s love—one of my favorites is …

Best Books Featured Image all thats good jan 19

All That’s Good by Hannah Anderson

December 21, 2018

Best Books All That’s Good Frederick Douglas once wrote that his thoughts of America sometimes moved from rapture and joy to mourning and loathing. His assessment of society should resonate with every person of faith, for our world is filled with both virtue and evil, the lovely and the hideous. If we are not careful …

best books featured image stories behind the great traditions dec 18 bcf

Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas

November 24, 2018

Best Books  I have always been fascinated by trivia. I love to discover an obscure detail of history which explains why things are the way they are, or an odd fact that seems so counter-intuitive that it’s often met with incredulity. Trivia, by definition, is information that is not inherently important. The value of such …