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The Good News of Christmas

November 29, 2022

Best Books Each Autumn I browse through all the new Christmas books for children, looking for the one that I like best. I have four grandchildren, so the ritual is of considerable significance. This year I have chosen a lovely book that will undoubtedly enrich the hearts of many children this Christmas. The Good News …

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The Readable Bible

November 29, 2022

Best Books The Readable Bible is Scripture the way it would look if the biblical writers had been sitting in front of a computer when God spoke through them. There hasn’t been a cover-to-cover Bible formatting update in the last one hundred years! Just think of how much differently we format today than in the …

Best Books 1122 Advent

Making Room in Advent

October 26, 2022

Best Books One night long ago, near a small village called Bethlehem, a group of shepherds was guarding a flock of sheep. Shepherding was a job held only by those on the margins of society. Shepherds were usually poor, uneducated, and devoid of any sense of respectability. They were a band of nobodies simply trying …

Best Books 1122 devotions

Devotions for Sports Lovers

October 26, 2022

Best Books Alabama Devotions Title Town, USA! Few cities in sports have been able to claim that nickname. Boston. Pittsburgh. Green Bay. Add Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to that list! With more than five NCAA national championships since 2009, the Alabama football team certainly deserves its spot among the greatest in sports history. And, of course, Bama …

Best Books 1022 Legend of Christmas

The Legend of Christmas

September 26, 2022

Best Books To believe, or not to believe, is a question surrounding Christmas. For Christian families, the answer would seem obvious. After all, we are believers. And yet, when it comes to Christmas, the talk of believing is all about Santa Claus and Christmas magic.  Commercialism in Christmas has concerned parents for generations. It’s hard …

Best Books 1022 the Lord Roars

The Lord Roars

September 26, 2022

Best Books Around the 8th century BC, God raised up several prophets to address the crisis confronting His people. Among them were Amos, Micah, and Isaiah. Their ancient prophetic message, now enshrined in our scriptures, voiced God’s love and frustration for a nation that claimed Yahweh as their God, offered him sacrifices, sang his praises, observed holy …

Best Books 0922 bedtime books

Faith-Filled Bedtime Books for Children

August 25, 2022

Best Books Reading books at bedtime is a win-win. You’re opening the wonderful world of books to the minds of your littles while slowing them down with snuggles to prepare for sleep. Introducing a new pair of books that impart faith into the hearts of your children during this precious time together, Bedtime with Mommy …

Best Books 0922 Good Beautiful Kind

Good and Kind and Beautiful

August 25, 2022

Best Books “We exist in a world eating away at itself.” This sentence is found on the first page of Rich Villodas’ new book, Good and Beautiful and Kind- Becoming Whole in a Fractured World (Waterbrook). Our culture has become fractured by ugliness, hostility, and hatred. The fragmentation is eating away at our social life and …

Best Books 0822 Meanwhile

Meanwhile- Meeting God in the Wait

July 26, 2022

Best Books Your past doesn’t define you. Your present doesn’t define you. But who you choose to trust does define your future.  We have all experienced a “meanwhile” in life when God is strategically laboring behind the scenes to work all things together for His good and for His glory. Sometimes a “meanwhile” can be …

Best Books 0822 Next Sunday

Next Sunday

July 26, 2022

Best Books What does the future hold for our local churches? What needs to change and what needs to be revived? Do we need to double down on what we’ve been doing, make minor adjustments, or radically re-evaluate everything, including the fundamentals? What is the real purpose of the church anyway? What is the point? …

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