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Engaging Your Neighborhood This Halloween

September 26, 2022

Parenting Points Halloween is October’s national holiday, yet for some Christians, Halloween is taboo. Due to the evil nature of the day with ghosts, goblins, and devils, many Christians have sought to avoid the day by either turning off all the lights to hide from kids in costumes or running down to the local church …

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Expanding Our Family’s View of the World

August 25, 2022

Parenting Points It is easy for us to get caught in an every day Groundhog Day. Like the Bill Murray movie, we can find ourselves and our families constantly living the same routine, going to the same places, and interacting with the same people.  If we take the time to stop and think about this, …

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Caring for the Outsider

July 25, 2022

Parenting Points We live in a world where people feel alone. From the social separation of the pandemic to the distance of social media, many people feel like outsiders. As followers of Jesus, we are called to care for outsiders.  In writing to the church at Philippi, Paul wrote of Jesus coming from heaven as …

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Being a Home that Models Grace and Peace

June 27, 2022

Parenting Points Our current world is on edge. Division, finger pointing, and demonizing fill our news feeds. The only thing that we can agree on is our propensity to see our view as 100% correct and our opponent’s view as utterly flawed. We choose teams, draw lines, and feel justified in defending our opinion because …

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Conversations of Faith: Family Discipleship for the Everyday

May 31, 2022

Parenting Points For many parents, trying to disciple their kids is a daunting task. As followers of Jesus, parents are always on a journey to grow in their faith, so it can be challenging to teach your kids something you have not personally “mastered.” The church then compounds family discipleship with models, materials, and expectations …

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Maximizing Your Family’s Summer

April 26, 2022

Parenting Points The countdown is on, and summer is just around the corner. Students anticipate the break from school. Parents long for a change of pace. And everyone just needs some sun, warm weather, and a change of scenery. The author of Ecclesiastes writes, “for everything there is a season, and a time for every …

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The Miracle of Life

April 26, 2022

Miracle Moments Brought to you by: Molly Maid of Birmingham, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:5 Sav-a-Life Shelby’s Mission is to develop a culture of life where abortion is unnecessary and undesirable in Shelby County while offering the hope of …

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Preparing Your Family’s Hearts for Easter

February 27, 2022

Parenting Points One of the most important days on the Christian calendar is Easter. We remember the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and celebrate the truth that without it, Paul reminds us, “our preaching is in vain and our faith is in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:14 ESV). If the resurrection and remembering the resurrection …

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Living as a Beloved Child

January 26, 2022

Parenting Points Kids cannot wait to grow up. From countdowns to the next birthday to dreams of getting out of the house, kids want to rush into adulthood because they believe the grass is greener on the other side. However, the failure of the alluring promises of adulthood is clearly displayed in the popular slogan: …

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The Power of Serving as a Family

December 28, 2021

Parenting Points Serving as a family is an activity that can both show the power of the gospel through your family and remind you of the sacrifice of Jesus as the Servant who suffered. Taking time to serve is so simple, yet we often miss opportunities around us to serve because we don’t take time …

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