Faith at Work

Faith At Work Joel Caldwell Cory Watson Attorneys

From SEC football to the Courtroom: Blessed to be a Blessing

July 26, 2018

Faith at Work Alabama Law School grad and former Vanderbilt football standout Joel Caldwell waited in the lobby of the law firm, knowing that the interview with senior shareholders could be a game changer. He did what he always does when anxious, he turned to the Word of God, swiping open the Word Alert app …

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101 Mobility: Improving Lives in Our Community

July 26, 2018

Faith at Work Birmingham Christian Family sat down with 101 Mobility of Alabama’s Derek Gann who shared with us how God is using his team to serve others in our community. Q. How does your faith impact how you run your business?          A. Simply put, our faith drives us. Each day …

Who is Jesus? 

July 25, 2018

Church Leaders “So they were saying to Him, ‘Who are You?’ ” John 8:25  Every age, every generation, every person has to answer the question that was asked of Jesus by His generation and those of His day. Whether it was a pre-Christian era or a post-Christian nation like America, the question lingers, “Who is …

Love protects and forgives Congregational Security Featured Image for web

Love Forgives and Protects: Congregational Safety and Security

July 25, 2018

Special Feature How and why would anyone kill an innocent victim? The answer is in the first recorded murder; “Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast. Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast?” Genesis 4:5 Then, in the New Testament; “Do not be like Cain, …

Restoration Ride: By God’s Grace

July 25, 2018

Faith @ Work Brought to you by: State Farm, “By God’s grace I am here. I have been the beneficiary of God’s ocean of grace,” explains Thomas Waters as he remembers the bike ride he took through Irondale in June of 2017. “I felt the car’s front end hit me and the next thing …

Seniors on Mission

June 27, 2018

Senior Scene Solomon writes in Ecclesiastes 12:6 to “remember Him before the silver cord is broken and the golden bowl is crushed” adding in verse 13, “don’t let life slip away before fulfilling its purpose to fear God and keep His commandments.” One of those commandments is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20): “go, make disciples …

Faith AND Family at Work: DSLD Land Management

June 26, 2018

Faith at Work When David H. Sharp started DSLD Land Management 35 years ago, he was a single man with a passion to use his background in geotechnical engineering and business to bring quality and value to homes in central Alabama where soil erosion and drainage problems are prevalent. Today his landscape construction company, specializing …

A Simple Plan for Doing Ministry through Business

June 26, 2018

Brought to you by: Community Partner Convene, A Simple Plan for Doing Ministry through Business: Reach the Many by Helping the One Do you ever get overwhelmed at the millions of people who need help in the world? With all the news channels broadcasting the hurt and pain around the world, with all of our …

Who Really Owns Your Business?

June 7, 2018

Special Feature A foundational principle for a Christian entrepreneur is that God is the REAL Owner of the business. The stock certificates may have your name on them, but they’re really held in trust for the Owner. Wise men seek truth, and the first truth about all things is that God created them. Our lives, …

A Volunteer Perspective on Service: Christian’s Place Mission

May 24, 2018

Mission Makers Brought to you by: Community Partner Tom Douglass, Every third Saturday morning of the month, Christian’s Place Mission (CPM) volunteers converge upon Nauvoo United Methodist Church (UMC) to give out food and clothing and spend time with about 450 people in the rural poverty-stricken area of Winston and Walker County. Matt Morris began …