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Take a Trip to Colonial America this Christmas Season    

October 2, 2018

Are We There Yet? Just a short ride from Birmingham, you can experience a Colonial Christmas. That’s right- have a delightful luncheon with hostess Abigail Adams. Sing familiar Christmas carols in an early American Chapel. Visit the President’s House. Share a Christmas homecoming with George and Martha Washington and attend a Colonial Christmas party. It’s …

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What Will Wake Me Up?

September 26, 2018

Music Notes When you find yourself staring death in the face, something special happens. I shifted in my chair as I felt the tired and calloused hands from years behind a piano. I turned around to see CDs filled with hymns and gospel music stacked next to the CD player in my grandmother’s room. Ironically, …

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Start the School Year Off on a Great Note! S.O.F.A.

July 26, 2018

Music Notes “Mom, thanks for letting me quit piano lessons when I was a kid!”… said no one ever! I can’t count the number of times I’ve had someone bemoan the fact that they quit taking piano or voice or [insert instrument here] lessons as a child. In elementary and junior high school, my love …

Samford University Offers Online Certificate in Worship Leadership

June 27, 2018

Special Feature Samford University’s Center for Worship and the Arts will launch its third-annual Online Certificate in Worship Leadership August 2018. Created in partnership with Samford University’s Ministry Training Institute, this certificate offers an introduction to the basic principles and practices of worship leadership. Each course presents vital worship leadership practices as well as the …

The Harmonics: Singing Praises to Help Families in Need

June 26, 2018

Music Notes The Harmonics, a nationally acclaimed acapella group from Uganda, will be in Birmingham July 8 to perform a free concert at the Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills. Expect to be inspired by this group as they sing mostly Christian music in African and American styles. The Harmonics began performing together in high school …

Premiere A Capella Group Performs in Birmingham

March 28, 2018

The 11-member a capella group Voctave has received more than 100 million views on their Facebook and YouTube videos and you can hear this incredibly talented group live on April 26 at Covenant Presbyterian Church, Homewood. The voices of the Central Florida group represent a wealth of diverse backgrounds and musical experiences and will perform …

Magnolia Festival Praises

March 28, 2018

Music Notes Named a Top Twenty Event by the Southeast Tourism Society, the Gardendale Magnolia Festival, April 20-21 will include some great family friendly entertainment and talent proclaiming God’s praises. Acoustic Gospel. Bentwood Revival will perform Friday Night at 7pm. These four artists, Faith Harper, Larry Bradford, Selwyn Spalding, and Charlotte Guffin, are all from …

“West Side Story” Presented by Briarwood Christian School

March 26, 2018

Education Extra Students from Briarwood Christian School recently took to the stage to perform the classic musical, “West Side Story,” under the direction of Mrs. Lee Eady.  “It’s a rather large and difficult production but the kids like to be challenged,” says Eady. “I also like that there is a great lesson the kids and …

Symbols of Faith in The Lion King

February 26, 2018

Featured Image Photo Credit: Deen van Meer For Broadway actress Martina Sykes, The Lion King is a direct representation of the parable of the Prodigal Son. Simba loses himself in a moment of despair, then remembers his identity as child of the One True King on a journey back to the Pride Lands, with Rafiki as …

A Piece of Jugtown History at Magnolia Festival

February 25, 2018

Cool Stuff Jugtown, Ala. changed its name to Gardendale, Ala. in 1906. Why? Find out when you attend the 17th Annual Magnolia Festival at the Gardendale Civic Center on April 21. Plus, you will have an opportunity to see an original jug claimed to be made in the Jugtown factory from 1873-1876. The jug was …