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Do Wives Want Chivalry in Marriage?

July 26, 2022

Special Feature I admit it. I am a fan of classic movies. Some of my favorites are the period films- particularly the ones in which men were tough and chivalry was esteemed. Cheesy, I know, but pass the popcorn! Husbands, would your wife describe you as chivalrous? Does she love it when you open doors …

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Is Your Marriage Safe for Children?

June 28, 2022

Special Feature The words “until death part us” never rang truer in my thoughts that day. My grandfather was 101 years old when he said his final goodbyes to the love of his life. My grandmother passed one month before their 77th wedding anniversary. Their commitment to lifelong marriage continues to be a source of …

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Sean of the South Weaves Tales of Southern Life & Faith

November 29, 2020

Cover Story Sean Dietrich tells his stories of the South with an accent as thick as honey. The stories- ones of Southern people, places, and values- have earned him the moniker of “Sean of the South” and gained him loyal followers who love his heartfelt wisdom and inspiration as much as they do that thick …

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The Faith Lessons Learned from Becoming Mrs. Lewis

June 25, 2020

Cover Story The opening line of Christy Award-winning novelist Patti Callahan Henry’s newest book proclaims: “From the very beginning it was the Great Lion who brought us together.” Her book, Becoming Mrs. Lewis, tells the unexpected and inspirational love story between C.S. Lewis and his wife Joy Davidman–a romance built upon Lewis’ own literary creations …

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Let’s Chat About Relationships: Commitments with Ken+Leslie

June 1, 2020

Church Leaders  What happens when two people who were in unsuccessful previous marriages finally meet their love match? For Ken and Leslie Gordon, they fall in love, get married, move to Birmingham and start a radio show aimed at helping others like them navigate their relationships and keep God at the center. The husband and …

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The Gaither Vocal Band Birmingham Connection: Grammy Award Winning Wes Hampton

January 29, 2020

Cover Story Growing up, Wes Hampton listened to a wide genre of music with his parents. The Gaither Vocal Band was a favorite but Hampton never expected to one day sing tenor for the group! His Childhood. Born and raised in West Tennessee, Hampton grew up in the church. “I was involved and knew the …

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Saturating Your Family with the Word

January 25, 2020

Parenting Points Today’s Christian family is constantly bombarded with messages from our culture about who we should be and what should matter to us. We are told that our family should live in this neighborhood and do these activities. Our kids are told that they should look and act a certain way to be accepted. …

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Creating a Happy Home: Charlotte Evans Russell

September 26, 2019

Cover Story Meet Charlotte Evans Russell- a pastor’s wife, stepmom and social media sensation. With more than 60,000 followers on Instagram alone, Russell has gained a notable platform in the home decoration community, but instead of just sharing ideas on how to make your home more inviting, Russell encourages her followers to grow in their …

June Weddings Bring Estate Planning “To Do” Lists

May 24, 2019

Legal Matters Congratulations to all who are tying the knot this month! After the honeymoon, you need to put estate planning on the top of your “To Do” list. One of the best investments for cash wedding presents is a complete estate plan. Many newlyweds do not yet have wills, powers of attorney, or healthcare …

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The Secret Is Out!

February 23, 2019

Yellowleaf Creek Grist Mill The Yellowleaf Creek Grist Mill in Clanton, Alabama was built in 1850 and has now been totally restored to its original rustic beauty. It’s ready to welcome you with its Southern charm. The venue was chosen by “The Knot” as winner of “The Best of  Weddings, 2019.” We invite you to …

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