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What’s Your Perspective?

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How you view God is how you will relate to God, and how you relate to God will have a direct impact on how you display God.

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Author Ben Nelson is the pastor of the nondenominational church, Collectivus, which meets Sunday mornings at Calera Intermediate and on Facebook Live.

Jesus longs to show us a true perspective and that perspective – that truth – will free us from a life that is lived with the limited potential of “just waiting for Heaven.” Unless we have the proper perspective, we will always wrestle with who God is, who we are, His desires, and our purpose. Satan longs to distort and corrupt our view of God. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. To distort, warp, and give a poor perspective so that we don’t see God fully and in turn, begin to fabricate an incorrect view of God. Believers must gain proper perspective to unleash the full potential of the life God has given us and to impact the world He has entrusted us with.

Have you ever wondered why we have two eyes? Both eyes send two different pictures to the brain for processing. Because each eye sends a different image to the brain, the brain is able to use the slight differences between the two images to calculate the distance between two or more things. This is called depth perception, and it is defined as the ability to perceive the relative distance of objects in the visual field. This is what brings things to life! This is what moves things from 2D, flat and lifeless, to 3D. This gives us a full and proper perspective of the things we see and the world around us.

When you believe Jesus came to give you life eternal, but not life to the full, Satan is covering one eye and causing you to see things around you as lifeless and dead. As a result, many Christians are waiting for heaven to see God, when He longs for you to see Him today. He has redeemed your life and the world through Jesus! Open your eyes! Yes, Jesus died, but He also lived, and His life modeled a proper perspective of God and the lives we are called to. The Apostle Paul constantly tried to recalibrate our hearts and he longed for us to gain proper perspective. He wrote to the church in Philippians 21:5 “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”

-Ben Nelson

Pastor of Collectivus Church, Calera, www.collectivus.church

Author of new book, Proper Perspective. Learn more and purchase at www.PastorBenNelson.com


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