Charlotte's Patio Makeover

Time for a Patio Makeover

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Charlotte Working on the DeckYou know when one project leads to another? That’s what happened with my recent patio refresh. It all started with redoing my outdoor furniture that got destroyed by weather over the last few years. Our pergola isn’t covered so it suffered from rain and sun damage. 

I decided to use Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant in black to not only freshen up my furniture, but to also protect it from any future damage. I cleaned the surface first with a wet soapy rag and then applied the product with a roller and paint brush once it was completely dry. After applying the sealant, I allowed a dry time of 24 hours before adding the second coat. The sealant has a satin rubbery finish. I am ok with that because it looks nice and totally protects it. In fact, we had heavy rain a few days ago and all I had to do was take a damp rag to wipe away any dirt and water residue. I highly recommend this to not only refresh your outdoor furniture, but to also protect it.

Charlotte's Patio MakeoverI’ve been painting a lot black lately! Check out my Instagram to see some black accent walls I recently did. I really had a vision for my patio floor to be black. I used Deck Correct tinted black from Lowes, but I hear Deckover is just as good. I made sure the surface was clean by using dawn dish detergent and water. If you have any mildew or peeling paint, be sure to remove before starting. You can sand the surface if needed. I then rolled the deck paint on. Don’t forget to trim it out first if you have space between your boards like we do. Tip- Pour deck paint in a 5 gallon bucket to make it easier for the roller to be saturated with paint. It rolls on very smoothly and has great coverage. It does require two coats, though. It takes 4 to 6 hours to dry and then you can apply your second coat. Wait 24 hours before placing furniture back on the deck to give it time to cure.

I finished the look with some textured outdoor pillows along with some fresh flowers and plants. I am a fan of mixing old with new. You will see some old crocks, a worn terra cotta pot, thrift store basket and a new larger planter to display my flowers and ferns in.  I am so excited about this refresh and looking forward to many days of hanging out here with the family!

-Charlotte Evans Russell

For more design inspiration and tips, follow Charlotte on Instagram @charlotteshappyhome and subscribe to her blog, To read her faith story, click here

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