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Disciple-making is not a program; it’s a lifestyle. This one truth has the power to change your life and to literally the world. Think about it. The early church was a church without walls. Unlike today, they had no church buildings or ministry budgets. However, they had something we often lack. The one thing these early believers knew how to do was the one thing Jesus taught them to do. They knew how to multiply. Jesus poured His short life into making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

The Greater WorkPlain and simple, the early church was a grassroots disciple-making movement. It was an unstoppable movement of common people who were big on social justice and sharing the good news of the gospel. With no buildings or budgets, these early believers multiplied greatly, and the fame of Jesus spread across the earth. The authorities of the world could not contain it. Not even the gates of hell could prevail against it. If only the gospel had continued to spread like that, the church could have accomplished the Great Commission many centuries ago. 

For the first three and a half centuries of church history, this movement could not be stopped, but tragically, it did stop. A grassroots movement was replaced by professional clergy. Disciple-making people were replaced with ecclesiastical programs. Consequently, the movement died. A church that once made Jesus famous was replaced by one that has often made Him infamous, and dark ages followed. Throughout history, there have been times when godly people have tried to revive the movement, but it has never returned to the great force it once was when it turned the world upside down for Christ. 

If the church today wants to reestablish itself as a powerful force on earth for the gospel of Christ, it must return to the movement that Jesus began. The key to global evangelism is not the megachurch, but the many churches of all sizes willing to rekindle the flames of a once powerful disciple-making movement. 

Jesus once said that His followers would do “greater works” than Him (John 14:12). Do you believe Him? Will you join Him in this work? Disciple-making is the greater work. If you would like to join in this work, read my new book: The Greater Work. Many books talk about disciple-making; this one will teach how.

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