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The Best Time to Get Help Is Now: STEPS Proactive Parenting

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If your son or daughter is experimenting with alcohol or drugs, it’s time for you to do something about it. Now!

With teenage substance abuse, where there’s smoke, there’s often fire.   

Almost all the emphasis on addiction treatment has traditionally been on recovery. In other words, the focus has been on putting out fires, but not preventing them.

You can change that in your family. Through proactive parenting, you can help keep a fire from starting, or at least contain the blaze more safely.

By getting involved earlier, you can disrupt emerging addictive habits your teenager may be developing. You can protect your kids against addiction.

Take the next step now (anonymously):

  1. Order the STEPS Proactive Parenting “Prevention Tool Kit.”
  2. Take a course in “How to Protect Your Kids from Addictions.”
  3. Get anonymous personal coaching on addiction prevention.

If your son or daughter was trapped in a burning building, you would do anything to save them. Why not prevent the fire from happening in the first place?  

Get Help Now. STEPS Proactive Parenting provides tools, training, and coaching for parents to protect their kids from addictions. Visit or contact Steve Ward at  

Support the Cause. You can help prevent addiction by financially supporting the ministry. On the website, choose “DONATE” on the top menu or contact Steve Ward.  

-Steve C. Ward 

Executive Director, STEPS Ministries

Author of STEPS: A Daily Journey to a Better Life

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