Opening in October 2022: Proveer at Grande View

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Opening in late October, Proveer at Grande View provides the Hoover community with a vibrant, upscale and modern senior living community. The word “proveer” means to provide. With Proveer at Grande View, that is their purpose.

The staff at Proveer has dedicated themselves to understanding the needs of seniors who call their community home, the desires of their adult children who call their team extended family, and the expectations of associates who call Proveer partners. “Grande View” isn’t just in the name. Proveer is located on top of a ridge just off U.S. 280, in the residential community of Meadowbrook. The community will be unique in style and feel with several dining venues. All day dining will also be available. The community also has stunning views of Double Oak Mountain. When the activities of daily living get to be a burden, that’s when Proveer at Grande View can help. They provide extensive care for their residents, including:

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Proveer at Grande View is located at 700 Corporate Ridge, Hoover, 205-307-5500.
  • On-site rehabilitation services
  • Medication management
  • Activities of daily living assistance
  • Pharmacy services
  • Individualized service plans
  • Home health hospice coordination
  • Personal pendant for assistance

Assisted living. Proveer offers assisted living, which means the staff will provide as much or as little support as you need. Services include on-site rehabilitation services, medication management, pharmacy services, individualized service plans and more.

View from Proveer Grande View
Residents at the new Proveer Grande View will enjoy spectacular views of Double Oak Mountain.

Memory Care. Through the signature memory care program Cherish, Proveer provides the care needed for individuals living with dementia and their families. In addition to receiving passionate care every day, residents can also enjoy making friends, pursuing their hobbies and eating heart-healthy meals. The layout is easy to navigate, and there are various floor plans to fit all residents’ lifestyles. For more information, call 205-307-5500 or visit †


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What is vaping? Also referred to as e-cigs, e-hookahs, ends, or juulings, vapes or e-cigarettes are devices that operate by heating a liquid solution to a high enough temperature so that it produces an aerosol that is inhaled. When e-cigarettes first began entering the market around 2007, some devices were designed to resemble regular cigarettes while others looked like cigars, pipes, pens, and even USB flash drives. More recently, e-cigarettes with sleek and high-tech designs with easy rechargeable batteries have entered the market. The most popular- the JUUL- emerged in 2015 and quickly established itself as a leading e-cigarette product comprising nearly three-quarters of the e-cigarette marketplace by 2019. 

Now, let’s look at what’s in a vape. E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical that is particularly risky to teens and young adults. According to the FDA and the 2019 National Youth Tobacco survey results, more than five million United States middle school and high school students are current e-cigarette users. The U.S. Surgeon General classified nicotine as addictive as cocaine or heroin. Teenagers whose brains are still developing have a heightened risk of getting hooked on nicotine. Early research has shown that nicotine addiction may result in lifelong problems with concentrating. There are other chemicals in e-cigarettes that you may not realize including glycol, formaldehyde, acetone, lead, and nickel. 

Should I be concerned for my teen? Vaping related injuries started to rise in the summer of 2019. In September of 2019, the CDC reported six deaths and 380 cases of lung- related issues from vaping. By February of 2020, there had been 68 deaths. That is a 1,000% increase since 2019. According to a new study led by researchers at Stanford University, vaping is linked to a substantially increased risk of COVID-19 among teenagers and young adults. Among the participants who were tested for COVID-19, those who used e-cigarettes were five times more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 than non-users. 

How can I get help for my loved one? Kids today are exposed to so much more than they were 10, 20, or 30 years ago. Our kids are stressed and anxious and some turn to nicotine and alcohol to help them cope with those stressors. If you’ve discovered that your child is addicted to vaping or nicotine, remember you are not alone. Compact is here for you. Visit our Facebook page for video resources, visit our website or call our parent talk line, 205-605-1827.


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Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith’s goal is to help people become healthier versions of themselves. As a formulator and researcher for more than 30 years, Dr. Kleinsmith is passionate about the benefits of colostrum. After growing up on a dairy farm and seeing firsthand the benefits available from colostrum, he began studying colostrum as a child and hasn’t stopped.

Dr. Kleinsmith
Dr. Kleinsmith holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science from Chatworth College.

What is colostrum? “It’s a pre-milk liquid superfood produced by mammalian mothers to jumpstart offspring. It is only produced in a zero-to-six-hour time frame with cows and a three-day time period with humans,” Dr. Kleinsmith explains, adding that colostrum provides immune and growth factors that promote the health of the newborn.

What are the benefits of taking colostrum? Dr. Kleinsmith says that people who take colostrum can expect many improvements in their overall health including “more useful skin, energy, weight loss or weight gain, improvements in gut issues, support to the nervous system, and more.” Colostrum benefits encompass anything in the anti-aging, regeneration, immune system, weight loss, stress, and youthfulness arenas, and more. “Colostrum is a functional food supercharged with 97 Immune Factors and 87 known Growth Factors.”

Colostrum is available in many forms including capsules, chews and more.

To read more about the research behind colostrum or if you have any questions, visit Dr. Kleinsmith and his team have not changed their formula for colostrum since beginning in 1991. Colostrum products come in different forms including powder, capsules, chews, skincare products, and even treats for pets.

Why take colostrum? “Do you have something you’re worried about or something that you physically feel that hurts? What would you do to stop it?” Dr. Kleinsmith asks, adding, “Colostrum, with over 32 years of research and literally millions of bottles sold around the world, will give back to that depleted body building blocks which will allow your body to heal itself.”

To order, including a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee & Free Shipping in the US, call toll-free 877-295-1269 Monday thru Friday 8 am – 5 pm MT and mention this article in Birmingham Christian Family.

-Melissa Armstrong

Kleinsmith Family
Dr. Kleinsmith has been married to his wife Trish for 32 years and they have three children. The family lives in Utah.


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How big of a risk is alcohol use among teens? To illustrate the extent of alcohol misuse and abuse among teens and young adults in the United States, consider this:

Alcohol is the most widely used substance by teens and young adults. 14 years old is the average age of a teen’s first drink. 90% of underage drinking is in the form of binge drinking and 11% of the alcohol consumed in the United States is by people age 12 to 20 years old. 

These facts aren’t an attempt to demonize alcohol, which aside from being legal has deep ties to rites of passage and celebratory occasions. The facts are presented to make the point that alcohol misuse and abuse can be just as debilitating to someone as harder drugs, especially to teens whose bodies are still developing.

What are some of the health effects of regular heavy drinking? Even though alcohol causes euphoria and relaxation in most people, drinking can magnify existing problems with anxiety, depression, and anger. After a night of heavy drinking, the hangover effect occurs. Aside from headaches and upset stomachs, the hangover effect can cause difficulty concentrating, mood swings, and unexplained feelings of anxiety and depression. If drinking is a daily occurrence, these emotions are something some people deal with every day. 

There is also a strong connection between suicidal thoughts and heavy drinking. Lowered inhibitions and intense emotions brought about by alcohol can cause many people to attempt and/or commit suicide. Long-term effects of heavy drinking can cause havoc on physical health. Damage to the liver, heart, and brain can all occur. It can also cause high blood pressure, stroke and multiple types of cancer. Underage drinking is a primary contributor to death from injury which includes drunk driving. When someone self medicates with a substance, they can end up stifling thoughts and emotions that need to be worked through. There is no such thing as drinking problems away. All of those thoughts and emotions will eventually come back and need to be dealt with one day. If you need help with a drinking problem, talk to a family member or friend or someone in the addiction health field. Don’t go this alone; there are people out there to help. All you need to do is ask.

Visit Compact on Facebook @compact2020 to find more tips and facts from Officer Schniper all month long. Learn more about Compact at †


Brookdale Luncheon

Senior Living

Join the Brookdale Family!

We are excited and proud to say that Brookdale University Park is open to new residents! Brookdale residents enjoy an engaging lifestyle with a selection of care options to meet changing needs. The community conveniently located off Lakeshore Drive offers a full continuum of care, including independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia care and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. Call 205-870-0786 to connect with one of our team members who would be delighted to help you plan your personal visit,

Two Brookdale Residents

Living Well with Low Vision. Low vision is usually caused by eye diseases or health conditions. Some of these include age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataract, diabetes and glaucoma. A low-vision specialist, such as an ophthalmologist or optometrist, can help those with low vision make the most of their remaining sight and maintain independence and quality of life. Below are some low-vision activity enhancements and safety awareness tips to use in your surroundings.

Activity Enhancements:

  •  Organize work areas
  • Develop systems, and use them consistently
  • Keep clutter to a minimum
  • Practice environmental consistency
  • Use the right lighting for the job
  • Non-skid materials and rubber bands for built-up handles and contrasteye test

Safety Awareness:

  • Focus on fall management
  • Avoidance of burns
  • Learn to use door and window locks
  • Spare keys to your home stored wisely
  • Practice personal safety with strangers in home and community
  • Consider an emergency call system

Brookdale Luncheon IMG 0062You’re invited to Bites & Insights! Join Brookdale on July 21 at 2 p.m. to enjoy delicious food prepared by Brookdale chefs and listen to residents share why they choose to call Brookdale home. Contact Lee Cobb at 205-789-9408, to learn more and reserve your spot!

An Invitation to Experience Brookdale 

Residents of Brookdale University Park enjoy an engaging lifestyle with a selection of care options to meet changing needs. The community conveniently located off Lakeshore Drive offers a full continuum of care, including independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer’s and dementia care and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. 205-870-0786,

Brookdale exterior

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Summer is here and that means fun in the sun! Whether your favorite summer activity is swimming, hiking, playing in the sand at the beach, or more, staying healthy and safe in the Alabama summer heat is the goal. While you and your family are enjoying increased time outdoors, there are some safety tips you should implement to keep everyone safe, healthy and enjoying the summer days. Here are four safety tips: 

Boy drinking water1. When outside, make sure to stay hydrated.

2. Use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. 

3. When swimming, make sure to never swim alone and take proper breaks to avoid fatigue. 

4. When traveling the roads this summer, be mindful of increased traffic. 

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of safety tips one and two. Whether you are vacationing or enjoying outside activities, focus on staying hydrated in the summer heat. Dehydration and heat stroke can happen quickly and without warning. Left untreated, these can lead to major health problems. 

Sunburns can quickly put a damper on summer fun. Did you know repeated sunburns can increase the risk of skin cancer? Make sure to apply sunscreen before any outdoor activities you have planned. If you will be outside for an extended period of time, be sure to reapply often. Remember, you should always take breaks from the sun and find a nice cool shade to enjoy. 

Visit Compact on Facebook @compact2020 to find more safety tips videos from Shelby County Sheriff Department’s Sgt. Kevin Brand. Learn more about Compact at


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“Every week, I see obstetrical patients that I delivered who are now having their own babies,” Dr. Carol Swindle of Henderson & Walton Women’s Center, P.C., says. Dr. Swindle has been serving patients in and around Birmingham since 1988. “I enjoy seeing patients through their adolescence, childbearing years, and on into menopause,” she says.

Carol Swindle
Dr. Swindle grew up in Jasper, Ala. and loves to serve patients in her hometown at the Henderson & Walton Women’s Center Jasper office.

Dr. Swindle has a passion for medicine that started during her high school years. “I had the opportunity to work in a lab. This was my initial exposure to the medical field,” she explains, adding, “This allowed me to take science classes as a freshman and I subsequently pursued a career in medicine.” Dr. Swindle received her medical degree from The University of Alabama School of Medicine and completed her residency training at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. 

“Being an OBGYN is a great blend of medicine and surgery,” Dr. Swindle says. She is excited about the new non-invasive prenatal screening. “This gives us assurance that babies are chromosomally normal, and if there are issues, offers the opportunity to prepare and support the expectant parents,” she explains, adding, “Patients are particularly excited about the ability to learn the baby’s gender as early as seven weeks.”

When Dr. Swindle is not at the office, you can find her spending time with her family and traveling. She and her husband, the late Dr. Mark Swindle, have two grown children. She has also adopted several rescue dogs and the newest furry member of the family is named Henley. 

For more than 30 years, Henderson & Walton Women’s Center has been specializing in women’s health care in Birmingham and surrounding areas. All the OB/GYN physicians, including Dr. Swindle, are board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. For patient convenience, HWWC sees patients in Birmingham, Alabaster, Chelsea, Cullman, Rainbow City/Gadsden, Jasper, and Tuscaloosa. To learn more about Dr. Swindle and the team of physicians and staff at Henderson & Walton Women’s Center, P.C., visit or call 205-930-1800.

-Melissa Armstrong

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What is trauma? Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. However, there is nothing simple about trauma. There are three main types of traumas.

1. Acute Trauma. This type of trauma usually results from a single distressing event, such as an accident, assault, or natural disaster. The event is extreme enough to threaten the person’s emotional or physical security. If not addressed through medical help, it can affect the way a person thinks or behaves. Acute trauma generally presents itself in the form of excessive anxiety or panic, irritation, confusion, inability to have a restful sleep, and more. Studies show that a third of people involved in critical incidents have serious trauma, a third have moderate trauma, and a third have no trauma. Just because you feel no trauma or more trauma than others does not make your feelings wrong. You simply are coping with it in a different way. 

2. Chronic Trauma. This trauma occurs when a person is exposed to multiple, long term or prolonged traumatic events over an extended period. Several events of acute trauma may progress into chronic trauma. The symptoms of chronic trauma often appear after a long time, even years after the event. Symptoms include unpredictable emotional outbursts, anxiety, extreme anger, flashbacks, fatigue, body aches, headaches, and nausea.

3. Complex Trauma. This type of trauma is a result of varied and multiple traumatic events or experiences. The events are generally in the context of an interpersonal relationship. It may give the person a feeling of being trapped. Complex trauma often has a severe impact on a person’s mind. 

Whatever the type of trauma, if a person finds it difficult to recover from the distressing experiences, they must seek timely psychological help. A qualified phycologist can help the person with a traumatic experience live a fulfilling life. For more tips on trauma, visit or Facebook @Compact2020. †

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Did you know? Approximately 20% of teens will experience depression before they become adults. 14% of teens have experienced depression in the last 12 months and of those affected by depression, 80% have never received help. 

Causes of Teen Depression. Depression is defined as a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act. Teenage depression can be caused by several things including bullying, relationship problems, academic problems, and poor self-esteem. Signs of depression include a change in appetite, prolonged anger or frustration, withdrawal from activities, and increased thoughts or reference to death or suicide. 

Risks & Signs of Teen Suicide. The risk for teen suicide varies with age, gender, and cultural and social influences. Some factors include one or more mental or substance abuse problems, impulsive behaviors, undesirable life events such as being bullied, or a recent loss such as the death of a parent. Another risk is a family history of mental or substance abuse problems or suicide. Many of the warning signs of suicide are the same for depression. Warning signs include stating “I want to kill myself,” or “I won’t be a problem much longer” as well as giving away important belongings or expressing strange thoughts. 

Ways to Alleviate Teen Depression & Prevent Suicide. Take time to listen to your teenager’s concerns. Remember that just because it’s not a big deal to you doesn’t mean it’s not a concern to them. When disciplining your teen, replace shame and punishment with positive reinforcement for good behavior. By listening to your teen instead of telling them what to do; you may discover the root of the problem. Make sure your child knows you care and will always be there to discuss their problems. Teen depression tends to come and go in episodes. Once a teenager has a bout of depression, they are likely to get depressed again at some point. The consequence of letting teen depression go untreated can lead to extreme and serious consequences that could be deadly. 

Together, we can make sure our teens have the proper tools and ability to beat depression. If your teen is exhibiting signs of depression, call our Parent Talk line at 205-605-1827. If your teen is exhibiting signs of self-harm, call the Crisis Call Center at 1-800-273-8255. Learn more at †

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Spring is officially here. Does your hair need a boost to look its best for the season? 

Repair Your Hair with a Vegan Aveda Botanical Repair Treatment at T. Fox SalonSpa.

T. Fox SalonSpa•Hair is 5x stronger in 1 treatment 
•Lasts up to 6 weeks
•Organic and Cruelty Free
•Takes 10 minutes

Mother’s Day is May 8! Looking for a gift idea that your mom is sure to love? 

A Gift of Less Stress for Mom! AVEDA Stress-Fix Soaking Salts are the perfect gift for any mom this Mother’s Day!
•Certified organic French lavender
•Clinically proven to relieve feeling of stress
•Exfoliate and smooth skin

T. Fox SalonSpa Stress FixThis award-winning team cares about YOU! Trust the T. Fox SalonSpa artists with your hair and skincare needs with certified organic and vegan products and services.

For more ideas on how to best care for your hair and skin visit the T. Fox SalonSpa Facebook page where every Tuesday the team posts a Tuesday Care Tip The team also invites you to stop by the SalonSpa on Valleydale Road in Hoover to learn more.

-Brought to you by T. Fox SalonSpa, Top 200 Salon in North America by Salon Today

2080 Valleydale Road, Hoover, AL 35244


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