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The Spring in Your Soul


Right now we are witnessing a miraculous transformation. We see it every year when the seasons transition from winter to spring. Everything that has been bare and brown bursts with life and color. Places that were cold and hard soften, allowing new life to take root and grow. In short, we see death give way to life.

For this reason, spring is a great example of what God does in our hearts, cultivating life. The Father replaces our stony, cold hearts, with a heart warm and soft. We are exposed to the full bright life giving light of the Son, Jesus Christ. We are nourished by the fellowship we enjoy with Christ and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Holy Spirit waters the dry, parched, and cracked places in our souls creating rivers of living water to overflow from our hearts. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit bring forth life and growth where there was once only death.

Use the natural phenomenon and processes we see like Spring to help teach your children the unseen truths of God and our hearts. Here are a four ideas to help you get started:

  1. As you go on walks and see birds and other animals, point out how it is God who provides their food and shelter, and that God does the same for us.(Matthew 6:25-34).
  2. As you see trees grow new leaves and flowers bud and bloom, use these examples of new life to illustrate how we need new life to grow in our hearts and only God can plant and cause that new life to happen.
  3. Have your children help pull weeds around flowers, teaching them the difference between the good plants and the weeds. Use the weeds to illustrate how we need to have sin pulled out of our hearts.
  4. Read the following Scripture with your children and discuss what God does for us: Ezekiel 36:26, John 1:9-13, John 7:37-39

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