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Mistakes Parents Make, and How Not To: STEPS Proactive Parenting

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All parents make mistakes, but we can learn from them and help protect our kids from the dangers of addiction.

Parents want to raise their kids the right way. But many are hampered by some prevalent misconceptions of modern-day moms and dads. By correcting these mistakes, parents can help their kids develop more positive behaviors which will protect them from substance abuse problems and help them live a happier life. This month, we conclude the series of “10 Mistakes Parents Make.” You can find the other 7 mistakes in the August and September editions of this magazine and at this link:

Mistake: I need to teach my kids to control every situation.

  • Reality: None of us are in total control all the time. If your teenager believes they are supposed to be, they will not develop the ability to handle stress on their own.
  • Parenting step: Help them learn to turn first to God for guidance and support.

Mistake: I can protect them by taking care of consequences of their bad choices.

  • Reality: If you shield them from the pressures of life so they don’t have to address them on their own, they will develop insecurity.
  • Parenting step: Learn to avoid enabling inappropriate behavior, which is what you do when you take away negative consequences they have brought on themselves.

Mistake: It’s not my job to talk about God to them.

  • Reality: If you allow them to obsess on their problems, they may turn to depression.
  • Parenting step: It is your job to talk to them about God and help them find their purpose in life and their identity in Jesus Christ.

Getting Help. STEPS Proactive Parenting provides training, coaching, and materials for parents to become intentional about protecting their kids from addictions. We can learn to raise our kids to be balanced emotionally, spiritually, and personally and, if we do, we can help prevent addiction. Churches and organizations can visit to get information on what types of training and coaching are available for parents and how to get started setting up a program that fits their needs, or they can simply contact Steve Ward. Parents can visit to receive the free weekly STEPS Ministries blog, learn about personal coaching options, and get information on seminars your church or organization can sponsor.

STEPS Ministries works with churches, organizations, and parents to protect kids and teenagers from addiction. Learn more at
STEPS Ministries works with churches, organizations, and parents to protect kids and teenagers from addiction. Learn more at

-Steve C. Ward 

Executive Director, STEPS Ministries

Author of STEPS: A Daily Journey to a Better Life

[email protected]


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