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Masculinity is not just under attack; there is a concerted effort to marginalize it. As culture has embraced situational ethics and relative truth, men are losing hope and understanding of their purpose in both family and society. Life is hard, and we can’t do this alone. Masculinity by Design by James W. Bradford with Mindy Bradford is a call to manhood as designed by God. Masculinity is not only needed but necessary for a healthy home and society.

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In Masculinity by Design, Bradford reflects upon the lessons he has learned from his life as he intricately weaves God’s Word into the messages. Through his unique storytelling, he calls men to rise up and assume their role as leaders in their families. Bradford, a father of three, has spent his life passionately speaking to men about their call to manhood according to God’s design. He endured a challenging home life in his early years, met the Lord in his early twenties, and lived a life of trials and traumas along the way. Through continued will and determination, he has shared every failure and success from his time in the military, president of three multimillion-dollar companies, and youth pastor to point others to the power of Jesus.

Mindy Bradford, a mother of two, is a retired special education teacher. She graduated in 1989 from Asbury University with a bachelor of arts in education. In 2009, she earned her master of science in special education from Southern Illinois University. In church, she has been part of music ministry, children’s ministry, and short-term missions, and she has been in involved in local church events. She also has volunteered in various charity groups, including FCA and Christ Philippine Mission for children. Jim and Mindy were married in November 2021 and reside in Southwest Florida.  Masculinity by Design releases on March 14, and is available for pre-order today wherever books are sold. †

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