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Hopes Door Logo1 in 3 women experience abusive relationships. Does your partner make you emotionally, physically, or financially dependent? Isolate you from seeing your friends, family, or children? Forbid you from going anywhere or seeing anyone? Threaten to take away your child or children? Become angry when you speak to the opposite sex? Control when you can speak or what to think? Criticize you about how your dress and appearance? Blame you for their problems? Threaten to hurt you with violence or a weapon? Act excessively jealous or possessive? Have an explosive temper and use force during an argument threaten to commit suicide if you leave? Have a history of violence? Constantly put you down making feel worthless? Limit your access to the phone or your car? Accuse you of being disloyal or unfaithful? Embarrass  you in front of others? Harm or threaten to harm you pets? Get physically violent and kick, push, choke, or slap you?? Any of the above are abusive behaviors. Call Hope’s Door for Safety Planning, Referrals, and Free Faith Based Counseling. If you are in danger please refer to the emergency numbers listed.

Shelby County- SAFEHOUSE 205-669-7233 (24/7)

King’s Home-  205-618-0300

Jefferson County- YWCA 205-322-4878

Alabama Domestic- Violence Crisis Line 800-650-6522

National Domestic Violence Hotline- 800-799-7233

Sexual Violence Hotline- 800-656-4673

We are in need of donated campers for our Housing Hope Project. Contact us for more information at info@hopes-door.org, call 205-677-3041 or visit www.hopes-door.org. †

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