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Kingdom Men Rising CoverOn New Years’ Eve of 2019, Dr. Tony Evans spent most of the day alone in his room. The lights were dim. The curtains were drawn. His wife had died the previous day, and he was overwhelmed with grief. He was scheduled to preach at a special New Year’s Eve service, but he was unable to get out of bed because his heart was broken. Then he remembered his wife’s faith and dedication. He remembered his calling. He remembered that he was a citizen of the kingdom of heaven and that the Spirit of God was stronger than the shadow of death. So, in the midst of darkness and sorrow a man’s feet hit the floor. It was time to rise. It was time to stand up. It was time for Tony Evans to preach.

In his new book, Kingdom Men Rising (Bethany House Publishers), Dr. Evans calls on men to step into their calling as men of God – men who consistently submit to the rule of Jesus. When men truly practice discipleship, they will prosper spiritually and fulfill Christ’s agenda for their life. Success is not defined by career paths, income, or the world’s acclaim. True success is doing the will of God, regardless of how others measure your life. Dr. Evans is calling for men to stand up, lift up their heads, and start living under the lordship of Jesus. Find your kingdom purpose. Be brave and resolute. Then go to work.

Tony Evans
Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. His latest book is available at Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts in Alabaster.

Dr. Evans is not interested in men merely professing their faith. He wants men to put works behind their faith. In Kingdom Men Rising, he says, “God’s Word does not work just because you get excited about it. It doesn’t work just because you heard a sermon and got fired up. To listen to God’s Word but refuse to act on it causes a man to do little more than waste his life.”

If Christians truly want to influence others and change the world, it will require men of God to act like men. We need to be discerning, strong, and selfless. It may be hard. It may require self-sacrifice. The golden rule and the law of love are not easy, but Jesus told us it would be difficult. Dr. Evans is right. It’s time for our feet to hit the floor. It’s time to stand up and preach. It’s time for Kingdom men to rise.

-Darrel Holcombe, Owner

Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts

Colonial Promenade, Alabaster 



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