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Keep It Cool When Selling Your House!

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The real estate market is much like our summer days here in Birmingham- HOT! With it being so warm outside, there are few things that irritate us more than the AC not working properly, especially after moving into a home you just bought. 

HVAC systems are complicated since they involve electrical, plumbing, and mechanical components. It is not uncommon for one component to go out causing stress on another component, thus causing multiple expensive repairs. We highly encourage sellers to have a HVAC company they trust service each unit before listing their home. This allows sellers the opportunity to thoroughly assess and address any conditions requiring attention by a qualified and licensed technician. This documentation also helps home inspectors as they come through a home providing a general home inspection.

What if you have an older HVAC system? Do you have to spend anywhere from $5,000 – $12,000 per unit to sell your home? Not necessarily. Many sellers are utilizing the services of a quality home warranty company. Two things should be done to help ensure a Home Warranty will repair/replace a unit. First, have the units serviced before closing (which we’ve already covered). Second, get the unit(s) certified. It’s as simple as calling the home warranty company, requesting coverage during your listing period, having a representative of the home warranty company visit your home to assess the units, and get your certification. The certification provides the home warranty company with a track record; meaning they know the current condition and have an opportunity to assess the units for repairs before providing coverage on them.

At the end of the day, a certification puts the home warranty company on the record to repair it or replace it. The seller has saved the buyer from inheriting an unknown costly repair after just moving in and the buyer has the peace of mind knowing in the event a repair is needed, the cost is significantly less than paying for a repair or new system. 

Once this middle ground is gained by all parties, both buyers and sellers have cooler attitudes and can amicably negotiate and come to a place where everyone is happy.

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