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Jesus and Politics: Can They Go Together?

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his family live in West Monroe, La. When asked what he suggests people do to stay close to God during this time of uncertainty, Robertson answered, “Every day, start your day with a prayer thanking God.” He added that if he could give America one Bible verse to study and remember it would be Romans 8:28.

How can Christians respond to the current political division in America? Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, believes the only answer is Jesus. In his new book, Jesus Politics- How to Win Back the Soul of America, Robertson shares his views on how politics and faith can be intertwined and the importance of remembering that every kingdom- other than the Kingdom of God- have and will fall.

When asked what inspired him to write Jesus Politics, Robertson responded by reflecting on the degradation of culture he has witnessed during his life, such as prayer being removed from schools, and thought, “Let me just write down a few things about the kingdom of God with Jesus being the King.” He explains that as he studied history, he was reminded that the one thing every earthly kingdom had in common was that they eventually fell and that’s why it’s so important to put your faith and hope in the kingdom of God, which is eternal. Robertson adds that one of the main points of his new book is the freedom found in Jesus. “The book is about love being sincere, hating what is evil – don’t hate who is evil but what is evil, – clinging to what’s good, keeping your spiritual fervor… and blessing those who persecute you.” Robertson hopes Jesus Politics challenges and encourages readers to go back to loving God and loving people. He adds, “I have this crazy notion that if human beings love God and love each other, they would be better off, and we would have a more peaceful country.”

Jesus Politics Cover
In his new book, Jesus Politics, Phil Robertson covers current problems America is facing and shares how he believes Jesus would respond to each one.

Jesus Politics is divided into two parts. Part I, Jesus Politics in the Voting Booth, and Part II, Sharing Jesus Politics in Everyday Life. Each delves into how Christians can advance the kingdom of God here on earth and respond to the problems America is facing with love. Robertson writes, “And as people of the kingdom, we’re supposed to value the things valued by our King.” Robertson says, “My job is to try to be a spokesman on behalf of the King.” Jesus Politics is available now.

-Melissa Armstrong

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