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I Am Restored CoverYears ago, while teaching a Bible class, I asked everyone to quickly list the most basic points of our faith. Within minutes we had an impressive compilation covering all the core truths of Christianity. Everyone took a moment to review the board, then I asked two questions that should rock our world – questions that should profoundly impact the way we live our lives.

What if it’s all true? What if it’s not?

As I read Lecrae’s new book, I Am Restored- How I Lost My Religion But Found My Faith, I thought about that lively discussion so many years ago. Lecrae was at the top of his world when the second question almost took him down. Suffering from depression, he began to doubt God cared for him. Disappointed with the racism exhibited by many of his white Christian leaders and friends, he began to question the authenticity of his faith community. Having reached the pinnacle of success as a Christian artist, he found himself feeling empty and spiritually adrift. Lecrae finally reached a point where the second question loomed larger than his faith. What if it isn’t true? Did he really believe what he professed to believe?

Lecrae is a Grammy Award-Winning singer and songwriter that has released more than five studio albums.

When Lecrae reached the bottom, God was already there to catch him. Jesus knows what the darkness looks like. He knows how it feels to be betrayed by those who say they love God. He knows that we are sinful, prone to wander far from the God we love. And yet He loves us anyway. Lecrae walked through the valley of the shadow of doubt, but God never left him. Lecrae lost his religion, but he found authentic faith. He found healing and love and restoration. Lecrae found new life in the first question and it changed everything. How do we know if we’ve found the truth? Ask Lecrae. He has a word for us.


-Darrel Holcombe, Owner

Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts

Colonial Promenade, Alabaster 


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