Lecrae Singing

Grammy Award-Winning Lecrae Sings at Alabama Prison

Music Notes

Lecrae Singing on Stage
Lecrae encouraged the men at the St. Clair Prison in Springville, Ala. with worship music and a word about God’s power to forgive and restore.

Christian singer and songwriter Lecrae partnered with Prison Fellowship and performed for the men at St. Clair Prison in Springville, Ala. on September 11. “When Anomaly dropped and was the #1 album in the country, our first stop on the tour was Riker’s Island and LA County Jail because I wanted the people in prison to understand that they were not forgotten,” Lecrae says about performing his music for those who are incarcerated. “I remember the impact of those visits not just on them, but on me! Prison Fellowship and I have the same mission, to restore a sense of value, worth, meaning, and purpose to the lives of those who feel hopeless. I want everyone to know that restoration is possible. You are never too far gone, with God, change is always possible!”

The Birdsongs Performing
The Birdsongs opened the special night for the men at St. Clair Prison with a performance.

In addition to Lecrae performing and having a Q&A session, the men enjoyed a performance by The Birdsongs, a Christian rock band based out of Knoxville, Tenn., opening the program. Prison Fellowship is the nation’s largest Christian nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families. James Ackerman, President and CEO of Prison Fellowship says, “We were thrilled to have Lecrae and The Birdsongs join us and perform for our first Hope event since this coronavirus pandemic began.” He adds, “Their God-given talents come at a perfect time for these men after losing many critical in-prison services, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Honoring the biblical verse Matthew 20:16, “the last will be first, and the first will be last,” this is not the first time Lecrae has partnered with Prison Fellowship. He has a history of connecting his music and message with prisons. Lecrae released his new album, Restoration, to prisons nationwide through J-Pay a week before it was available to the general public. He will also be distributing 5,000 free copies of his forthcoming book, I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion, But Gained My Faith, to people in the system. As part of his “Masks for The People” partnership with Live Free USA, Lecrae raised funds for over 70,000 masks to be distributed throughout the prison system, to essential workers, and correction officers. A quantity of the PPE has been set aside for families when visitation restrictions are lifted. †


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