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Help, Hope & Healing for Addiction: Samaritan Counseling

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Samaritan Counseling has a long tradition of offering faith-based professional counseling and coaching to anyone struggling with recovery from an addiction who needs supplementary assistance with their recovery program. Samaritan counselors are fully aware that addiction goes beyond alcohol and drug abuse.

Many people deal daily with an addiction to shopping, smoking, sugar, work, gambling, internet surfing, pornography, sex, shoplifting, video game use and more. Often, people struggling with a behavioral addiction experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and many other negative mental health outcomes in part because their addiction goes unrecognized and untreated. Yet, the time, energy and money spent on behavioral addictions can cause grief and damage family, friend and community relationships.

Behavioral addictions, such as excessive shopping, are defined by a persistent compulsive dependence on a behavior or practice that is psychologically habit-forming and leads to biological, psychological, social and spiritual dysfunction. At Samaritan Counseling, our counselors believe no one should struggle with a behavioral addiction alone.

Samaritan counselors offer faith-based counseling that offers help and hope for developing the skills and the mindset needed to deal effectively with a behavioral addiction in a healthy and productive manner. Samaritan Counselors are trained professionals who work in partnership with clients to explore the mental, relational, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a behavioral addiction. At Samaritan Counseling, the emphasis is placed on building healthy relationships, especially healthy family relationships. Educational services are also offered on request since knowing the signs and symptoms of behavioral, drug and alcohol addiction can lead to prevention and early treatment.

For anyone needing help dealing with a behavioral, drug or alcohol addiction and looking for a safe, sensitive and respectful place that offers hope, Samaritan Counseling Centers are here to help. There are multiple locations in the greater Birmingham area including: Homewood, Pelham, Alabaster, and Highway 280 in Hoover. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 205-967-3660 or visit and complete the online contact form. After-hours or weekend appointments may be arranged by special request.

-Beverly Myers, PhD, MEd, ALC Samaritan Counseling Logo

Associate Licensed Counselor

Samaritan Counseling Centers of Greater Birmingham

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