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Best Summer Ever! Build Healthy Confidence thru Camp


Do you want your child to be more confident? Send them to camp this summer! Sleepaway camp and day camp offer the perfect environment for children of all ages to gain self-confidence by experiencing success in new activities, learning how to be more independent, building new friend relationships and learning more about who they really are.

YMCA Camp Cosby sleepaway camp and YMCA summer day camp teaches kids that they CAN. For starters, camp is a great opportunity for your child to “unplug” and enjoy the people and activities around them instead of living in a virtual reality The advantage is that without electronic toys, your child will learn to slow down and appreciate real life experiences. From new adventures and sports to arts and crafts, summer camp counselors teach children many new skills. By removing academic competition that shapes their lives at school, camping’s laid-back activities produce tangible accomplishments every day. And it’s fun!

<em>Check out and register for YMCA camps on-line, <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> for Summer Cay Camps. YMCA Member’s receive a $50 tuition discount to Camp Cosby.</em>
Check out and register for YMCA camps on-line, and for Summer Cay Camps. YMCA Member’s receive a $50 tuition discount to Camp Cosby.

Being away at camp also gives children an opportunity to become more independent, which is a huge confidence builder. Because you’re not there to remind your children to make their beds, brush their teeth, or eat healthy foods, they have to remind themselves. And the same goes for day camp – It’s a fun, safe environment for your children to learn how to make their own decisions about what THEY would like to do, remember what is coming-up next and find their own way to the next fun activity.

Camp friendships have the potential to become some of the longest lasting and most memorable relationships they have as children. But whether it’s a summertime, or a lifelong friendship, camp offers children the opportunity to branch out from their regular circle of friends and learn to connect with other people in positive ways. This adds to their confidence level by allowing them to be more comfortable in social situations overall. They learn to get along with a new group of peers and support/receive support from others who are trying new things as well.

Whether you send your child to YMCA Camp Cosby sleepaway or YMCA day camp, you are giving your child’s confidence a huge boost. You are providing him with a life-changing experience he achieves on his own. Children’s independence to participate in different activities with new friends get them out of their comfort zone to develop important life skills. And you may find they appreciate you more when they get home!

-Jennifer Neil

YMCA of Greater Birmingham, 



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