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Are you struggling to figure out your purpose in life? Do you feel that something from your past is blocking you from that purpose? Have you always wanted to help others but don’t feel qualified or even know where to start? Would you like to go deeper with God? Feeling overworked, but wondering how to rest and serve God at the same time? Well, you’re not the only one with those questions! Transformation Ministries (TM) was founded and developed to help people receive healing, restore hope and then train and equip you to pursue God’s purpose for your life. 

Transformation Ministries Class Picture
Transformation Ministries classes for the fall semester begin August 17. To register, visit

Transformation Ministries does three things: 

1. We provide biblical counseling to hurting families and individuals.

2. We train and equip the layperson to help others. 

3. We do inner healing and deliverance ministry using the Restoring the Foundations (RTF) prayer model.

The TM School of Ministry offers a four-semester program with each semester lasting about 13 weeks. The fall semester starts August 17 and registration is open now. Visit to register now. These inner healing classes will change your life. For the Fall of 2021, we’re excited to announce our new Hebraic Institute partnering with “Be One Ministries” with Jeff and Sherri Friedlander. Be One Ministries is a ministry in the local Birmingham area seeking to help Jewish and Christian/Gentiles believers become one family under Messiah, Jesus. The first class taught by Rabbi Jeff Friedlander will be an exciting and interesting way of reading and understanding the Bible from a Hebraic point of view and understanding. Some key topics are The Living Word, The Living Spirit, The Living Communion, The Living Law, Living His Rest, and History of Biblical Israel and Judah to the New Testament. 

Transformation Ministries LogoTransformation Ministries offers free high-quality biblical counseling to hurting individuals and families and we are a resource offered to all churches. If you need healing physically, mentally, or emotionally, our prayer teams are praying every day and our prayer rooms are busy. Anyone is welcomed to make an appointment and come receive from the Lord. This summer we are hosting a marriage conference with Dan and Lydia White on August 27-28 at Liberty Church in Birmingham. If your marriage needs help or you just want to make it even better, you won’t want to miss this time with a dynamic and musical family leading worship, teaching, and breakout sessions. For more information about this conference or to register for any of our upcoming events, visit our website, or call 205 991-4988 for more information.

-Warren “Rock” Hobbs

Founder, Transformation Ministries


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