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The Deep Things of God: Beeson Lay Academy

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The Lay Academy of Theology at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School helps believers live a deep life in God amidst the troubles that swirl around us. This semester the Academy offers many excellent opportunities to study under the leadership of Divinity School professors in both afternoon and evening classes.

Dr. Doug Webster’s course, “Followers of the Lamb: Living in Rhythm with the Book of Revelation,” aims to deepen our understanding of salvation history and the meaning of discipleship. “The Book of Revelation may be the Devil’s favorite book of the Bible. Through confusion and misinterpretation, the Devil has managed to intimidate believers into ignoring the Bible’s powerful canonical conclusion,” explains Dr. Webster who is Professor of Pastoral Theology and Preaching at Beeson.  “In our six-week Lay Academy course we will endeavor to understand what the Apostle John said to the first-century church and what he is saying today to the twenty-first century. John wove together storied truth, prophetic climax, cosmic parables, symbols in tension, patterned repetition, and numbered meaning into a Holy Spirit inspired theological masterpiece.” The course begins March 1 on six Thursday afternoons from 1-3pm.

Delve into twelve pivotal actions that fit together to achieve God’s plan and purpose for us in Dr. Kenneth Matthews course, “Twelve Decisive Events in the Bible” which will be taught on six Monday evenings from 6-8pm beginning February 26.  “One of the most important opportunities of my ministry is teaching the Lay Academy because the participants are especially hungry for learning the Bible. I am directly contributing to each person’s life and contributing to each person’s impact on their family, church and world,” says Matthews, Professor of Divinity at Beeson. “I enjoy giving laypeople a bird’s eye view of the grand sweep of the whole Bible—from Genesis to the Book of Revelation.”

Other courses being offered this spring include “The Jewish Jesus” led by Dr. Gerald McDermott, “The Gospel in the Books of Moses” taught by Dr. Allen Ross and “The Pastoral Epistles,” offered by Dr. Gerald Bray. For more details on these classes as well as additional lecture opportunities visit  A special discounted rate is offered to participants who register early for classes. †

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