Not Everyone’s Best Friend

November 25, 2015

Not Everyone’s Best Friend Having dogs around the home is common today. While they are domesticated animals, it is a fact that they can attack anyone at any time. The Code of Alabama deals with dog bite injuries. It states that the owner of the dog is liable for injuries caused bythe dog if: The …

Why & Where to Give

October 25, 2015

Why should we give money to the church or to ministries? And where should we give? Why we give can be answered in a four-fold way. Giving expresses the life of Christ. He who was rich became poor for us, according to 2 Corinthians 8:9. If we want people to see Christ in us, we …

Praise of The Father

October 25, 2015

A thankful heart can be the antidote to a multitude of sinful behaviors and attitudes. A truly thankful heart offers thanks to God for all of his good gifts. But a thankful heart does not merely thank God for the good things we have, but thanks God for God. Psalm 100 teaches us by example …

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