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4 Keys to Fashion Forward Active Wear


Gone are the days of wearing sloppy sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt to the gym. Instead opt for fashionable active wear that doesn’t have to be benched at the gym door. With an endless number of fashionable options, it will be easy to be a great sport this spring. Designers have jumped into the active wear department mixing details such as lace, mesh, racing stripes and even studs resulting in articles that have a street style edge and high performance functionality. To stay on trend this season, here are four key items that will keep you ready for the gym, an impromptu lunch date or jet setting to your favorite destination.

  1. Leggings. The perfect legging is irreplaceable and the style and designs of leggings have taken a big step up. There is every imaginable type of legging you could fancy. From sleek black to bold and colorful and shiny to studded, all options are out there.Fashion for you leggings jacket Prism Sport active wear at Gus Mayer Feb 16Let your legging show your mood and personality.
  2. Windbreaker. The right windbreaker can be your new blazer. Toss it on pre and post workout to finish off your look. When cinched at the waist and worn over something gauzy and feminine, you will be ready for anything.
  3. Mesh. Athletic brands use mesh to strategically ventilate their fitness gear and be right on trend. Wear mesh over your favorite tank top for a punkish twist or as a surprise showing strategically placed on your leggings.
  4. Lace. Whether lacing up your pants or finding an edgy lace-backed top, both are winners this year. As a fashion statement, lace looks freshest adorning tomboy pieces.

And remember, you can always partner your sporty ready-to-wear items with other favorite pieces from your wardrobe. Gone are the days of keeping athletic wear only at the gym. This spring, let’s all be good fashionable sports and show off our athletic knockout looks.

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