Bringing Out the Winner

Set a Tone of Worthiness


family bible studyAt a recent speaking engagement in another state, I had a middle-aged woman come up to me with a big smile on her face. Her eyes and countenance revealed a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She looked me right in the eyes and said, “I should have been one of your girls at Big Oak Ranch!” She went on to explain to me about her childhood, and how she had experienced extreme abandonment, abuse and neglect. Just talking with her for a few minutes, it was quite obvious that she had broken the cycle of abuse. I said to her, “You apparently are doing well. How did that happen?”

“My wonderful husband!” She went on to explain that she had married a godly man who loved her unconditionally. All the insecurities, guilt, shame, fears and feelings of worthlessness, he had replaced with a deep, understanding, dependable and consistent love.

May you and I commit to ourselves and to our mates that we are dedicated to building a family that knows they’re worth simply because they allowed Jesus Christ to work through them and each member of the family. It’s our job as the parents to set the tone.

unnamed-1-John Croyle

Executive Director, Big Oak Ranch

Author, Who You Are/Defying the Circumstances that Define Us, Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child, The Two Minute Drill to Manhood and Raising a Princess,

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