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The Bible Tells Me SoWhy Defending Scripture Had Made Us Unable to Read It


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This month’s recommendation is for those who are brave. If you are afraid to read anything which may call into question your established beliefs about the Bible, or if you’re of the opinion that all Christians must share the same perspective (yours) regarding the inspiration of the Scriptures, then I’d advise you to think twice before engaging in this selection. On the other hand, if you’re one of those “love wins,” God is nice, inclusive, progressive types, then reading The Bible Tells Me So (HarperOne, $15.99) should be the next thing you purchase. You will want to own this, share it with your friends, and extol its virtues on sundry forms of social media.

In The Bible Tells Me So, Peter Enns explains why he believes many Christians need an “attitude adjustment” when it comes to how we approach the Bible. In fact, he is concerned that some Christians may have elevated the Bible to heights which belong only to the person of Jesus, putting themselves at risk in the process. As a person with a deep commitment to the Christian faith, Peter Enns asserts that the Bible is “God’s Word.” What he means when he makes that assertion is far different, however, than what many of his fellow Christians mean when they speak of the Bible. For Enns, reading the Bible as historically reliable literature is not only problematic, it may also cause one to miss the point.

I loved reading The Bible Tells Me So. As one who has read, studied, and taught about the Bible for years, I found the book very interesting. I also learned some things, which is always nice. Do I agree with everything? Not at all, but that has nothing to do with the value of reading such books. I have little regard for those who advocate a literary diet comprised solely of books written by those with whom they agree. So, if you’re brave and secure enough to read something that may cause you to think hard about what you believe regarding the Bible, then I strongly recommend The Bible Tells Me So. If, however, you believe Christians should keep their literary diet within the safe confines of evangelical orthodoxy, you should probably pass – and pray for my imperiled soul.

Author Peter Enns is scheduled to speak at Samford University Reid Chapel at 10a.m. on February 25. The lecture is open to the public.

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