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I am not the Pope. Unlike Pope Francis, world leaders don’t answer calls from people like me. But if I could sit down with those who weld political and social power, I know exactly what I would say.

Do justice.

Justice is a major concern in the Bible, which means it’s a serious matter in the eyes of God. In the NIV God’s Justice Bible(Zondervan, $39.99), God’s desire to set the world aright is emphasized in each book. From the Torah to the Apocalypse, scripture pleads for justice and righteousness. Whether it’s the simple weights and measures of business, or the blood of martyrs crying out from the earth, the Bible has much to say regarding how humans interact with one another. If a generation truly wants to live in a godly manner, seeking justice is an absolute necessity. While presidents and politicians may be the instruments of God’s justice, they are not its guardians; we are. We are called to be the Nathan who confronts a rogue king, the Amos who calls out those who legally oppress the poor, the Baptist who shames the politician who trifles with another man’s wife. We are the people who should, like Moses, speak up for the immigrant and alien among us, advocate for the poor, and outlaw oppressive lending practices. God’s people should care for the widows, orphans, and all those who are in despair.

The NIV God’s Justice Bible reminds us that the Gospel is not limited to individual salvation; it is also about loving our neighbor. It is not an either/or formula. Those who dismiss the notion of a “social gospel” are reducing the very Gospel they wish to safeguard. The Gospel of Jesus requires that we seek justice and righteousness as defined by our true King, even when it conflicts with our national, political, or economic self-interest. A godly society will be known for its mercy, not its weaponry or high rates of incarceration. It will show love to its enemies, not rain destruction on them from the heavens. It will feed those who are hungry, bind the wounds of the afflicted, and share its abundance with those who are impoverished. This is the dream of God for the world, and it is the job of every disciple of Jesus to work in anticipation of that dream.


–    Darrel Holcombe, Owner
Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts
Colonial Promenade, Alabaster



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