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An Unexpected Turn: Just Chill by Ace McKay

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It started as a journal. Ace McKay never planned for his thoughts and prayers to transform into a book titled, Just Chill.

Ace and Roxanne in Studio
Ace McKay and Roxanne Richardson host “Roxanne & Ace” weekday mornings on 93.7 FM WDJC. Tune in to hear more inspiring stories from him and Roxanne.

McKay is a native of Birmingham and a graduate of the University of Montevallo. “While I was at Montevallo, I started working in radio and that is when I got the early bug for broadcasting,” he shares. McKay’s passion for radio took him to cities like Nashville, Huntsville, Grand Rapids and back to Birmingham two years ago. McKay is now using his gifts to co-host the morning talk show “Roxanne and Ace, Bold and Unashamed” on 93.7 WDJC with Roxanne Richardson. He is also the proud father of two teenage daughters, Lennon and McCartney.

Screen Shot 2019 07 29 at 2.13.22 PMAfter moving back to Birmingham, McKay shares, “I was going through some growing pains and was trying to figure out what God was doing.” As a way to work through the situations facing him, McKay started to journal. He explains that he felt God urge him to submit his words for publishing. After a lot of prayer, he did just that. “I did not write it for the purpose of publication. I wrote it for the purpose of my own healing because God was doing a lot in me very quickly,” McKay reflects.

McKay hopes that readers learn from Just Chill to rest in the Lord and trust His unique plan for each of us. “No matter where you are in your walk. No matter what you think God has for you. I want people to be in a very peaceful mindset when they are in their walk with God,” explains McKay, adding that by God’s power we don’t have to live life in fear or worry.

-Melissa Armstrong

“Sometimes when we lose focus or forget to breathe properly, God puts us back in the incubator so that we can get stronger. Sometimes we see it as if we are being punished for something we did wrong, but really it’s God’s way of loving us. He pulls us out of fires all the time so that we can find sanctuary in Him. Some incubation periods are years and some just weeks or days…”

-Excerpt from Just Chill by Ace McKay, available for purchase wherever books are sold.

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