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4 Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs

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There has never been an occasion when a DIY roof repair is a good idea. Even if you have all the time (and confidence) in the world, and regardless of the task at hand, always leave the job to professionals. In addition to being technically challenging and physically exhausting, the work is absolutely hazardous. However, the risk of DIY roofing projects isn’t limited to sustaining fractures. If you ask Hinkle Roofing, here are the other noteworthy dangers of risking a DIY roofing project.

1. Incorrect Installation. Roofing materials come with installation manuals, but it takes expertise to apply them properly. Do-it-yourselfers commit different mistakes without even realizing it. Without the trained eye, you wouldn’t know you botched the job until a leak occurs because of your workmanship error. Since you’re likely to call professionals to correct your rookie mistakes, you might as well hire them right from the beginning.

2. Lost Product Warranty. The warranty may be part of the product’s price, but its provider would invalidate it when the installation isn’t done right. Most residential and commercial roofing manufacturers observe stringent regulations regarding the application of their products. Failing to adhere to just one requirement could reduce your warranty to a worthless piece of paper.

3. No Workmanship Guarantee. Fixing your damaged roof yourself comes with the burden of accountability. Any blunder you make will be on you. On the contrary, hiring a professional contractor gives you the benefit of having a workmanship guarantee, which makes your installer responsible for installation-related failures.

4. Denied Insurance Claim. Experienced roofers would tell you that your insurer might not be happy to learn about your DIY roofing endeavors. If your insurance policy doesn’t include non-professional repairs, taking matters into your own hands can be a ground for your future claim’s denial. You might still appeal it, but it’s hard to justify that you didn’t contribute to the problem if you don’t have advanced roofing credentials yourself.

DIY roof repairs always come with huge risks and few rewards. Considering the stakes involved, entrust the job to one of the most experienced roofers in town: Hinkle Roofing. We’ve been maintaining local residential and commercial roofing systems since 1908. Call us at 205-324-8545 now to schedule an inspection of your home or business and to get a free estimate.

-Bob Baker HinkleLogo

Owner/President, Hinkle Roofing


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