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Your Virtual Guard Dog: Two-Factor Authentication

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“Beware of Dog.”  That’s a slogan you might see posted on the front porch of homes designed to scare off looters and intruders. Two-factor authentication is not much different than that ominous sign, placed there to ward off criminals. Known as 2FA, two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly important to keep the bad guys from accessing your important data or demanding ransomware. 2FA is the virtual dog guarding your business’ front door, a visual reminder that only trusted visitors are welcome.

Viewed as an annoyance, two-factor authentication is what more businesses are enabling to make sure accounts aren’t being hacked. You’ve likely already had to wade through 2FA when trying to log in a bank, your Google email account or PayPal. Companies send you a text after you’ve already typed in a username and password with a code that must be entered before you log in. While annoying, it is the best way to protect yourself from password hacks using the Internet to raid your accounts. At Sawyer Solutions, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication for as many platforms as possible.

Larger businesses aren’t immune to these kinds of attacks. Chinese hackers targeted American pharmaceutical and health-care firms in a bid to steal intellectual property related to coronavirus treatments and vaccines. U.S. officials say the intrusions may be jeopardizing progress on medical research.

At Sawyer Solutions, we find cybersecurity for all businesses is even more critical now than ever. A targeted attack or a random drive-by attack can easily happen to small businesses too. As the coronavirus spreads, so does the frequency of cyber-attacks.

We recommend taking seven steps to arm yourself against invaders:

  1. Have a good, paid Antivirus APP
  2. Keep your computer software up to date
  3. Use complex and unique passwords
  4. Have a cloud-based backup of your systems
  5. Turn on data encryption for Macs or business class PCs
  6. Train your employees
  7. Buy Cyber-Liability Insurance

For more details, refer to our blog here.

A bit about us: We are a family-owned and operated Birmingham-based Christian information technology company that delivers the highest level of expertise in I.T. compliance and cyber security services for businesses. We listen to your needs, customize your solutions and ensure you have timely, exceptional customer service tailored to fit your business.

Cyber security for small businesses can be overwhelming. Sawyer Solutions wants you to keep yourself safe from harm. Let us help keep your businesses safe from invaders.  Our team is happy to sit down with you to help. The first consultation is free.

Email us at: or call 844-­­448-7767. More information is available at

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