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Why You Should Never Ignore Soffit & Fascia Roof Damage

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As a homeowner, it’s important to have basic knowledge of the different parts of your home so you can provide the best care and maintenance. Your roof, for instance, is made up of various components, and two essential parts that help keep it in optimal condition are the soffit and fascia boards. What is the purpose of soffits and fascia?

The importance of soffits and fascia. The soffit is the exposed surface underneath the overhanging section of an eave. It also refers to the horizontal underside of architectural structures like staircases, archways and ceilings. With regards to roofing, part of its function is to aid in attic ventilation. That is why the soffit is typically designed with small holes, which help in circulating air.

The fascia, on the other hand, is a vertical finishing edge that’s usually connected to the ends of trusses, rafters or the area where the gutters are attached to the roof. It’s mainly used to provide a layer between the outside and the edge of the roof. Furthermore, this layer protects the wooden board against water damage, especially during severe weather. Due to the specific functions of soffits and fascia, any residential roofing company recommends proper maintenance and immediate repairs of these parts. Otherwise, your roof won’t have adequate protection against winds, humid air and moisture, which can cause problems such as rotting, water infiltration and pest infestation.

How do they get damaged? The most common causes of soffit and fascia damage are water and sun exposure. Being exposed to these elements for long periods, soffit and fascia boards may end up with wet or dry rot. Over time, these boards may crumble as well. If you have vinyl soffits, they may sustain cracks due to physical damage or freeze/thaw cycles.

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