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What Trajectory Are You On?

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According to data compiled by TechJury, almost half of Americans report that they are workaholics. 77% say they’ve experienced career burnout. Nearly 66% of workers admit that they don’t have the work-life balance that they really need. A simple question to consider: is this life to the full and the journey God calls us into? Here are three things to consider. 

1. Set priorities. Even if you are not a top-level executive, you can create margin. Simple changes like adjusting your sleep schedule can create valuable time that you can use to pray, exercise, read, and rest in the knowledge that you don’t have to chase after the sun; you are already God’s beloved. To some degree, you also have the power to create boundaries. That might mean setting a strict clock-out time and creating a ‘do not disturb’ schedule so you can be present where you are. 

2. Monitor progress. Do you measure success in other avenues of life beyond the professional? If you notice you’re crossing off work tasks ahead of time but missing precious time with your family, those blank boxes where checkmarks should be will point you back to your schedule and your priorities list. Another valuable form of “measurement” is having people in our lives who hold us accountable like a mentor you’d like to emulate. Working with a financial advisor can help you stay on track towards short-term financial goals, like buying a new house, while also progressing towards long-term security in retirement. 

3. Reevaluate goals. Your hopes as a 20-something college graduate were very different than your hopes at age 50. Once you near retirement age, the prospect of life without full-time employment will recalibrate honoring God means for you all over again. As you begin a new year, set aside time to reflect. Ask yourself, “What am I working towards?” Do the goals you had earlier in your life still apply? Or are you simply going through the motions and cashing a paycheck? Are you happy with the amount of time you’re able to devote to your faith, family, and friends? 

At OneAscent we will partner with you as you walk out these questions. Our desire is to care for you and help you steward your values and your valuables. Let’s meet and discuss what life trajectory you desire and what steps you can take to walk on that path. 

John Beatty-John Beatty

Advisor at OneAscent Wealth 


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