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Unbelief: How It Kills Our Faith

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I heard a wise saying one time, “I may have an investment into the solution but I’m not the solution. Our biggest frustrations can come from trying to fix something that only God can do.” Not believing that God will fix it, is where a person starts to get off track. Look at the story of the twelve spies in Numbers 13:26-33, where the spies were giving Moses an account of the promise land. They were so afraid that they could never overcome the enemy holding the land.

When unbelief creeps into our lives, just as with the spies, we can see three things occur. 

1.We get depressed. In verse 33, see them down and out when they say, “we are just grasshoppers” when comparing to the size of the enemy.

2.We begin to judge and complain. In verse 31 they began complaining and spreading a negative report.

3.We begin to blame other people and eventually even God for the situation.

So how does unbelief develop? It starts when a person chooses to believe the circumstances that are before them rather than the promises of God or God’s Word. When we look at the mountains of our circumstances, many times it can start to overwhelm us which then leads us to developing an inner image of defeat. This gets re-enforced when our mind forgets what we have already seen God do in our past. An unbelieving heart ignores the evidence of God’s voice and track record of our past just as the Israelites did after all that God had just done to get them out of Egypt. The result? They doubted that they could ever enter the promise land.

What really happens is FEAR. Fear of the mountains of circumstances causes us to become self-centered/self-reliant and disobedient. Our faith is put back into our own strengths and abilities. Our old sinful nature (vs our spirit led nature) resurrects to believing that I must take control back from God and DO SOMETHING! That I must fully understand what I am seeing and how it can be fixed. Unfortunately, that never works. For help with this topic or many more, call Transformation Ministries at 205-991-4988 and come seek counseling. We offer Christian counseling as a resource to all churches and we minister at no cost to the receiver.

-Warren “Rock” Hobbs


Founder, Transformation Ministries 

100 Missionary Ridge Drive, 35124




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