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Charlotte with her Christmas treeIt’s the best time of year! Twinkle lights, family gatherings and holiday cheer…Christmas time is here! Nothing gets me in the spirit like a Christmas tree. Have you ever wondered what is so magical about a Christmas tree? It’s the first thing we put up and the last thing we take down. I personally think it has to do with the twinkle. Twinkle lights make everything whimsical. The glistening glow sparkling at night brings an instant warmth to the season. I admit we have trees in every room of the house during the holidays, but even more than that we have twinkle! 

Can you ever have too much twinkle? I think not! You will find lights not only on our Christmas trees, but also throughout the house. I have them hanging on my open shelves in the kitchen, twisted in garland on my table and even bunched up on top of my hoosier cabinet. 

Charlotte's Christmas TreeLast year, I ran out of strands of white lights and didn’t want to buy more. While digging through containers for decorations,  I found some outdoor icicle lights that we weren’t using. Suddenly, the thought hit me to put them to great use! Had I ever seen someone hang icicle lights inside? No. Did I care? Of course not! I’m willing to try anything when it comes to being creative in decorating. And oh, what a happy change this was. I got a lot of bang for my buck because they have so much more twinkle with the extra strands that hang down like icicles. I hung them on the inside of our windows by utilizing the curtain rod. The instant holiday cheer and whimsical touch they brought to our bedroom was captivating. I loved it so much that I hung them on our head board as well. This year, I even draped them across a mirror in our living room. A mirror caused them to have twice the twinkle!

Be creative and take chances when it comes to holiday decorating. It doesn’t have to look perfect to bring in the spirit of Christmas. If you don’t have a lot Christmas decor, twinkle lights go a long way. Another bonus of hanging them on on your curtain rods is you can also see them from the street. We even have them plugged in during the day to give us all the festive feels! Happy decorating and Happy Holidays, my friends!

—Charlotte Evans Russell
Instagram: @CharlottesHappyHome

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