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Top 5 Reasons To Invest In PVC Roofing

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If you want to keep your commercial property dry and damage-free all year round, make sure to keep the roof in tip-top shape. What if the system has suffered enough damage to prompt a replacement? Then, you should choose a durable and efficient material like polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Here’s why.

What Is PVC? PVC is a strong and resilient single-ply membrane that’s commonly used on flat or low-sloped roofs. PVC roofing is made of two layers of polyvinyl chloride, with polyester added in between to serve as reinforcement. This material is one of the most widely used flat roofing materials available today. There are many benefits to this roofing system, including:

1. Lightweight, but long-lasting. For example, our Duro-Last® PVC roof allows for greater resistance against abrasion and impact damage. The fact that this roofing material is lightweight also means these roofs can be installed easier and faster – ensuring continued, day-by-day business operations in your commercial property.

2. Durable. PVC roofing remains a favorite for flat-roofed buildings because it has been proven to have exceptional performance for many decades. Its membranes are particularly resistant to rainwater, chemical exposure and gale-force winds. What’s more, these roofs are non-combustible, allowing for improved fire safety. Just make sure they are properly installed by a dependable roofing contractor.

3. Energy-efficient. PVC roofs provide remarkable reflective capability. This helps keep your commercial property cool and comfortable even during the hottest summer while lowering your air conditioning bills.

4. Low maintenance. Our Duro-Last PVC roofing is prefabricated in a controlled environment, allowing for reduced potential of roof leaks. It also requires minimal maintenance – in fact, you might notice that repairs are few and far between when you choose a PVC roof.

5. Backed by manufacturers. Our PVC roofing systems come with solid warranty coverage that adds an extra layer of protection to your investment.

Hinkle Roofing is your go-to company for all your commercial roofing needs. With our Duro-Last PVC roofing systems, you are assured that your property remains comfortable and damage-free during any weather. We serve property managers in Birmingham, Ala., and the nearby cities. Call us today at 205-324-8545 to get a free estimate.

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