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’Tis the Season to Simplify

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Here are some clever ideas to help Simplify your Season:

Empty the Bins. While your home is decorated, donate or discard whatever you have not used. Place sentimental items in a special place for keepsakes.

Create Specialized Storage. Install shelving to accommodate items for easy access and safe keeping. Consider hooks for wreaths to hang.

Pack Like with Like. Group items (ex: living room, kids room, outdoor, certain trees) and label bins with a numbering system (Bin 1 of 10). Make a content list and tape under lids to help identify.

Go Shopping. Shop the day after Christmas to stock up and take advantage of the great sales on stuff like wrapping paper, plates, napkins. Pack in bins to store for next year.

Make Your List (and Check It Twice). Create a Christmas binder or phone app that stores information in one place. Divide into categories such as: Traditions, Christmas Cards/Addresses, Gifts – Given & Received, Recipes, Party Ideas, etc. After the holidays are over, review your book.

  • Use a zipper pouch for shopping receipts, because it can be removed and carried in your purse.
  • Update addresses from the cards you receive.
  • Analyze the traditions – start new ones and toss out the ones nobody enjoyed.
  • Record gifts so you’ll never forget that special memory.
  • Jot down a new recipe you discovered at someone’s party.
  • Make a list for next year’s gift ideas. Divide the names into the number of months and shop for that person all month long for just the perfect gift. This will also help in budgeting year-round!

Evaluate Spending. While it’s fresh, evaluate your spending this year and then establish a budget for next Christmas. Are you going to regret getting the bills in January? Set aside cash each week and eliminate having to use credit cards at all. Start a Christmas savings account at your bank.

Family Meeting. Have a family meeting to discuss how this month made each person feel. What could be better? If it felt too stressful, could something be scratched from the calendar? What were the kids’ favorite memories of the holiday season? Be sure to do more of that next year!

-Kim McBrayer 

Designer  | Professional Organizer  | Speaker


5291 Valleydale Road, Suite 121

Birmingham, AL 35242, 205-368-2425

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