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The Year of Gratitude: The Foundry Ministries Celebrates 50 Years of Service!

Every Family Deserves Hope


I recently turned forty-eight and reflected on the thought of how old fifty seemed to me as a young man. Now, as I am getting really close to fifty, it feels so much younger than I expected.  Regardless of how I feel about soon turning fifty, the golden celebration is for sure a milestone.  The same is true and maybe even more so for a business, church, or nonprofit that has been around for fifty years. I am thrilled to announce and celebrate in 2021 the golden anniversary of The Foundry Ministries. This year we celebrate fifty years of offering hope, rebuilding lives, and God’s amazing blessing.

Few ministries or businesses make the fifty-year mark and to reach this milestone we acknowledge that we did not arrive here on our own. We have had one mission but have been known during these years by several different names like The Bessemer Rescue Mission, The City of Hope and ultimately The Foundry Ministries and so many have supported us over the last five decades. Countless numbers of men, women, children, and families have been impacted by the work and service of The Foundry. I have to say on behalf of these thousands of men and women, thank you to every person who has ever donated financially or who has offered a prayer over us. I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated items to our Thrift Stores and to those who have given of your time. We would not be able to serve the men and women that reach out to us if it were not for your generosity and support.

Each year we have a theme within our organization and the theme for 2021 is “The Year of Gratitude.” As we rejoice in the goodness of God and the faithfulness of those who have partnered with us, we want to begin this year with an attitude and a posture of thankfulness and gratitude. Please join us throughout this year in honoring and celebrating the mighty work that the Lord has established. You can join the party by following us on social media and by visiting us online at www.foundryministries.com.

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When you donate to the Foundry, 

you’re supporting a charity, 

you’re saving a life, 

you’re restoring a family. 

Every Family Deserves Hope 


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