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The Struggle is Real

Every Family Deserves Hope


I have been serving in the substance abuse recovery ministry for the past thirteen years and one thing that I have never heard from anyone is, “I always wanted to grow up to be an addict.” Experts estimate that in Alabama there are more than 300,000 individuals suffering from opioid addiction alone ( Once you add in all of the other substance abuse addictions that number could easily be more than half a million just in Alabama. The bottom line is that the struggle is real.

Within the past two weeks, I have personally lost two people that I know to overdose. People find themselves trapped without ever having desired to become trapped. There are all sorts of reasons why an individual becomes addicted. There are behavioral reasons and physiological reasons alike but one thing I have realized is that very few are satisfied in their addiction.  

The Foundry is one of numerous places in Alabama that works hard to offer hope to those bound by addiction. Our approach has many facets but the primary effort for us is to lead the men and women that walk through our doors into a new way of living. We believe that new life begins with an introduction to the life changing grace offered through Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 3:17 tells us that “For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” By offering a one-year, live-in recovery program, The Foundry can help everyone in our care stop using drugs. However, not using and being free are two very different outcomes. One key thought for the men and women at The Foundry is really a point for us all as well and it comes from John 6:37, “…and whoever comes to me I will never cast away.” Freedom from addiction, freedom from sickness, freedom from depression all require our coming to Him. But this action is wrapped in the promise that when we do, He will never cast us away. Addicts do recover. Freedom is available to us all in Christ.

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When you donate to the Foundry, 

you’re supporting a charity, 

you’re saving a life, 

you’re restoring a family. 

Every Family Deserves Hope 


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