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The Readable Bible is Scripture the way it would look if the biblical writers had been sitting in front of a computer when God spoke through them.

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You can learn more about The Readable Bible at www.ironstreammedia.com.

There hasn’t been a cover-to-cover Bible formatting update in the last one hundred years! Just think of how much differently we format today than in the 1920s. The Readable Bible is primarily a word-for-word translation that arranges the text in the easy-to-read formats of today’s books. It’s the best of both worlds: accurate yet understandable.

One day in 2008, Rod Laughlin was standing in an airport bookstore looking for a book to read. He asked himself, Why am I looking for something to read when I have a Bible in my briefcase? The answer came quickly: The Bible is hard to read. He thought, You’re a seminary graduate, a pastor, a Bible teacher! Why is it so hard to read? He walked over to the how-to book section and started browsing. Unlike the Bible, all the books presented information in formats that made it easy to understand. 

On the plane, Laughlin wondered, What would the Bible look like if God spoke through Moses, David, and Paul today? After arriving home, Laughlin went through the Bible and identified over two dozen categories of information, all presented in paragraph form. Now he had a new mission—to create a new Bible version that presents the original text and uses modern formatting to make it clear and easy to grasp. The Readable Bible is available now as a full Bible, in 27 books, and as a 27-book set. Learn more at www.ironstreammedia.com. †


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