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The Power of Prayer: Witnessed at Brother Bryan Mission

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I Am Talking with my Daughter Again

Lee Hardin listened as his cellmate was trying to get into a place called Brother Bryan Mission. As  his cellmate was leaving to enter BBM’s New Life Program, Lee told him to, “Put in a good word for me.”

Lee Hardin
Lee Hardin shares his story of how God restores lives through the Brother Bryan Mission in Birmingham.

Two weeks later Hardin was heading to BBM himself. Once at BBM Lee rededicated his life to Christ. Lee’s ninety-seven-year-old grandfather told Lee, “I have been praying for you every day.” Lee was also praying … to be reconciled to the daughter he had fathered at an early age and who had borne the brunt of the hurts his lifestyle had inflicted. On a Saturday phone call with his Dad, Lee heard, “This is Lee, do you want to talk with him?” The “yes” on the other end of the phone led to Lee joyously telling BBM’s Director, “I am talking with my daughter again.” For more information visit or contact Daniel at or 205-322-0092.

Read here how you can help the Mission bring hope to many more individuals. †

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