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The Power of a Moment: Having Eyes to See God’s Everyday Work

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“God is at work.” It is a popular Christian phrase that pastors exclaim from pulpits and missionaries use as they recount stories of sharing Jesus overseas. This is a truth that many would believe theologically, yet they would fail to embrace practically. If we truly believe that God is at work not just in the stories from the Scriptures and the words from others, we must begin to look for God’s work and embrace the power of a moment. God is at work writing His story in our lives and the lives of our families. So how do we live our lives to not miss the moments where God is at work?

Live with Open Eyes. Remember the time that you bought a new car and all of a sudden you saw your new car everywhere? After purchasing the new car, your eyes were opened to noticing something that had been there all along. Living with open eyes begins by taking the time to slow down, pray that God would open your eyes and begin to notice. Once you begin to look for God’s hand at work, you will be amazed at how many fingerprints you find.

Process God’s Ongoing Work with Your Family. Seeing with new eyes becomes a community project when you begin to process what God is doing with your family. Since moments of God’s work are transformational, it is helpful and encouraging to process and see what God could be teaching you and your family. As you process, your kids will be able to see the reality of God’s work in your life and begin to have eyes to see His work in their lives as well.

Give Testimony to God’s Work. At its core, the Bible is a book of written testimony of God and His work. For many Christians, the word testimony has been minimized to the moment of entry into the Christian faith rather than the ongoing work of God throughout the Christian life. God is writing your testimony through His work in your life. Share about His work to bless others and open their eyes as well.

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