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Around the 8th century BC, God raised up several prophets to address the crisis confronting His people. Among them were Amos, Micah, and Isaiah. Their ancient prophetic message, now enshrined in our scriptures, voiced God’s love and frustration for a nation that claimed Yahweh as their God, offered him sacrifices, sang his praises, observed holy days, and read the scriptures. They thought they were in good standing with God – that they were doing it right and believed the right things. They were, however, terribly mistaken. Not only were they in a political, social, and national crisis – they were in a theological crisis. Even their religious leaders were divided – often offering competing views on what was true and what was false. Sound familiar? 

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The Lord Roars is available for purchase at Sanctuary Christian Books & Gifts in Alabaster.

In his new book, The Lord Roars- Recovering the Prophetic Voice for Today, M. Daniel Carroll R. presents a powerful appeal for modern Christians to learn from these ancient prophets. Amos, Micah, and Isaiah have a message for us today. Their warnings to God’s people about systemic injustice, nationalistic arrogance, materialism, and economic inequality are just as relevant today as they were when proclaimed to ancient Israel. The prophets of the Lord can speak into our world. The writings of the prophets are both a warning for us and an invitation to live in the hope of a world more closely conformed to the righteous vision of God. The Lord Roars is a message we would be wise to heed.

The prophetic vision for the world is not dead, nor is it confined solely to the future. As Christians, we are called to live in anticipation and hope of the coming kingdom of God, a reign of justice and abundance and true worship. But we are also obliged to live in alignment with that hope right now, in this world. We are to yearn for a just society, to work and pray and speak boldly. What does the Lord require of us? Do justice, now. Love mercy, now. Walk with humility, now. Our allegiance is not, nor should ever be, to any political or social ideology. Our allegiance is to the Roar of the Lord.

-Darrel Holcombe, Owner

Sanctuary Christian Books and Gifts

Colonial Promenade, Alabaster 


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