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The Importance of a Daily Anthem

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Hear Tawana Lowery speak June 8 at the “Unmasked- Faithful and Fearless” women’s conference in Bessemer, Ala.
Hear Tawana Lowery speak June 8 at the “Unmasked- Faithful and Fearless” women’s conference in Bessemer, Ala.

Living an overcomer lifestyle does not happen by accident. It requires intense intentionality, fierce faith and a purposeful plan. To live the overcomer lifestyle, we must prepare for victory early and often. That means beginning the day with prayer and Scripture study. But it also includes being proactive about plotting a course for our expectations. One of the best ways I have found to accomplish this is to recite a daily anthem.

The dictionary describes an Anthem as “a piece of sacred vocal music, usually with words taken from the Scriptures.” As overcomers, we too must pronounce sacred words and sentences from the Scriptures over our lives. We too must have sincere devotion towards the promises God has already spoken over us. Creating and reciting a daily anthem is a great way to keep our heart and mind in agreement with the divine plans and purposes God has for us. It also fuels our faith to maintain a spiritual posture of hope and encouragement.

As a Christian Life Coach, I frequently encourage my clients to create a daily anthem. I suggest they write down verses and promises from Scripture that resonate with where they want to be and how they want to live. Daily anthems can be in the form of pocket size flash cards or a mural displayed in a prominent location in your home or office. Finally, I recommend reciting the Anthem every single day, preferably first thing in the morning, out loud and with sincere devotion.

My daily anthem is a mural strategically placed on the door to my garage. I call it “my door to the world.” Each morning, without fail, I begin the day by reciting my anthem. I consistently speak words of victory, faith and encouragement to myself. This allows me to establish my attitude and expectations for the day, no matter what comes my way.

Reciting a daily anthem does not mean we won’t encounter difficulty. It simply means we determine ahead of time how we will respond. It means we are being proactive to live an overcomer lifestyle. It means we are expecting and planning for victory early and often.

To learn more about this and other ways to live an overcomer lifestyle, visit www.Overcome4Good.com. You can also sign up for a free Life Coaching Consultation. Remember, your future is bright. Your future is worth coaching for!

-Tawana Lowery

Christian Life Coach/Author/Radio Host


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